Singled Out: "Forever": "This Is A Guy In High School Who I Inspired To Be. This Is Somebody I Dreamed Of..."

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 12:15PM

Written by SOHH for Gensu Dean

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Lee Bannon deciphered his single "Search & Destroy," producer Gensu Dean explains how his Large Professor-assisted "Forever" came together.]

Going into how the record came together, we met through a mutual friend. I would have to say the catalyst to how it came together was through Lord Jamar. I actually did three joints on Lord Jamar's first solo album which was entitled the 5% Album. Lord Jamar had hit me up on Myspace and liked what he heard on the page and I sent him some joints, he told me he had two weeks left before he finished his album, he told me loved the tracks anyway and we got together to squeeze out those three joints in that two weeks and I made the album.

Long story short, Jamar was so impressed with what I did, he was telling everybody. Literally. Text messages, phone calls, and even on the radio talking about me. He was bigging me up everywhere. I think that eventually got to Large Professor. So when we met through a mutual friend, Large got hipped to what I was doing and we just became friends. This is four, five years ago or maybe even a tad bit longer.

When it came time to do my record, I hit him up and said I need him to hop on the album. I had sent him a beat a couple years ago and he was like, "I already know the beat. I want that same beat you sent me a few years ago." I had put together a special folder with new stuff and he said he didn't want it. He just wanted the one track I had sent him before.

I literally sat on that beat and he did his thing. It is incredible because this is a guy in high school who I inspired to be. This is somebody I dreamed of being a peer to. I'm always a fan but still being around him, I'm in awe. I'm still a fan.

We recently shot a music video for it and I can tell you it's amazing.

The director and the way he was actually filming it was just like how we do when we make beats. It's funny because Large Professor brought it to my attention first. It's like the way we cut beats and rearrange things around.

Sometimes it's so surreal that I don't have words.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Gensu Dean is a producer who has been quietly laying down some heavy tracks in hip hop. His first production credits were on Crooked Lettaz's debut record Grey Skies, with David Banner. Since then, Dean has had produced and been featured on Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar's The 5% Album and Sadat X's Black October, and Melatone's Memoirs & Melodies. Gensu Dean has been called upon by labels to remix projects from artists ranging from CL Smooth to the late, Ol' Dirty Bastard. Dean is known for his classic use of the Emu SP1200, the result of which has earned him co-signs from legends like DJ Spinna, DJ Premier and the King of Rock, DMC of the world renowned Run DMC. His debut album is ready for 1st quarter release and promises to have heads spinning with a dense line-up of classic emcees on top of some rugged production.

Check out "Forever" below:

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