Singled Out: "F*ck Rappers": "No Disrespect, But I Meet Too Many Wack Rappers. Too Many Guys Trying To Rhyme"

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 12:16AM

Written by SOHH for Planet Asia

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Gensu Dean explained how his Large Professor-assisted "Forever" came together, rap veteran Planet Asia explores his new hard-hitting "F*ck Rappers" record.]

The "F*ck Rappers" record came together from working with Dirt Diggs. They were giving me first dibs on the beats every time they made them.

So when I heard the beat, I had already made a record for Willie the Kid's album but I don't think it's dropped yet, but we were already in recording mode. I sent him over the record and told him, "Check out this joint, it's gonna be called 'F*ck Rappers.'"

The song ended up being "F*ck Rappers" because that's how I ended my bars. I was like, "You know what? We're just going to call this 'F*ck Rappers'," and then I hit up Willie saying, "Yo, I got this joint that I could really hear you doing.

I felt that song would be right up the same vein people are used to hearing from Willie. It made sense for me to get with Fashawn on it. I remember thinking I should get him on there because then I could have two of my favorite young artists on one joint with the OG in the middle.

Once it came to me, I knew people would gravitate and see what the record is about just based off the joint's title. That's how I was feeling because, no disrespect, but I meet too many wack rappers. There's too many guys trying to rhyme that don't really got it.

There's a lot of dope cats out there too but then you have a big chunk of dudes out there doing it for no reason.

Planet Asia is well known throughout the hip-hop community. As a solo artist and one half of the duo Cali Agents (with Rasco), he has been tearing up airwaves and stages around the globe. Numerous banging 12-inch single releases including "Definition of ILL" (Stonesthrow 1998), "Place of Birth" (ABB 1999), "Pure Coke" (Interscope 2002), and "The Golden Age" (Threshold 2003) have ensured his place in hip hop history. In 2001, The Source Magazine named him First Round Draft Pick and gave him Independent Album of the Year credit for Cali Agents "How The West Was One".

Check out "F*ck Rappers" below:

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