News: Fat Joe Says Lil Wayne Needed His 'Crack', "I Tried To Talk Him Out Of It"

Friday, Mar 2, 2012 5:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After catching the attention of hip-hop heads this week with photos showcasing his graffiti skills on rap star Lil Wayne's Miami mansion, Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has stepped up to explain his return to tagging.

According to Joey Crack, Weezy was the one who initiated what would become a much talked about graffiti signature in his multi-million dollar home.

"I live down the block, across the street from him and yesterday, the n*gga called me up and said, 'Please, Joe, it would be an honor if you do a TS Joey Crack piece in my house,'" Joe said in an interview. "Never in my life [have I done graffiti in someone's house]. I tried to talk him out of it like, 'Wayne, for real, you have a gazillion dollar mansion -- please don't do this.' He was like, 'Nah, Crack, I got a spot right there for you.' I was like, 'Wayne...why?' He said, 'Crack, we need it.' ... He got ramps on his ceiling and all that sh*t. Yeah, he's doing that to the highest level. I was there and he was building a f*cking skateboard. He was like, 'Yo Crack, you got to put this here.' He found a new love, something he loves to do and that's dope. He's living and drinking and eating the skateboarding sh*t." (XXL Mag)

Yesterday, Fat Joe unveiled photos of his graffiti-spraying skills.

One of Fat Joe's nicknames is Joe Crack. Not because of any plumber like clothing malfunctions or any coke that was allegedly sold, but because "Crack" is what he used to tag up throughout the Bronx back in the day. Rap fame is what caused Joe to put the Krylon can down, but he recently took his graf writing talent's to the wall of Lil Wayne's Miami home. Joe showed off his work on Twitter and Instagram. "Back at it again!!! Wait for the finish pic," he tweeted. The strategically placed Vans logo means they may have something to do with this. Peep Joe Crack's work, from start to finish, in the gallery. Big up to TATS CRU. (Hip Hop Wired)

In 2010, Gym Class Hereos' frontman Travie McCoy made hip-hop headlines after he was arrested for tagging in Germany.

"Billionaire" rapper Travie McCoy was arrested yesterday October 27, in Germany, after Berlin police officers witnessed him spraying graffiti the Berlin Wall. However the plan backfired as Travie was then taken in to custody by officers, however later released on 1,500 Euros bail. It is believed that his show in Amsterdam will still take place tonight. (Misform Music)

Outside of graffiti, Joey Crack unveiled plans to start his own food show last year.

"We also got a cooking show with me and Queen Latifah," Joe revealed in an interview. "It's gonna be like a real dope [show]. We going for [television cooking star] Rachael Ray and them. You know. So get ready for that. We working, man. Next week we start. We already got our set-up, so we gonna start shooting our pilots. Boss up." (Hip Hollywood)

Check out Fat Joe's graffiti skills below:

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