News: Fabolous' Got Money To Blow, Loso Makes It Rain $28,000 In ATL Strip Club

Friday, Mar 16, 2012 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous appears to be living it up these days and reportedly made it rain tens of thousands of dollars at yet another strip club this week.

According to reports, Fab tossed up nearly $30,000 at Atlanta's infamous strip club, Diamonds.

These pictures are insane -- rapper Fabolous lived up to the phrase "make it rain" better than ANY rapper in recent memory this week ... unleashing a $28,000 downpour at an Atlanta strip club ... and we got the pics. The moneystorm took place Wednesday night at a new strip joint called Diamonds -- where local radio personality Kenny Burns was throwing a party -- and shocker ... Fab brought along a truckload of cash. Also making it precipitate -- comedian Kevin Hart, who we're told dropped $7,000 on butt-in-the-face action. The cash tornado got so out of control -- a layer of money even settled on the club chandelier. (TMZ)

No stranger to dishing out big bucks, Fab reportedly dropped $50,000 for a mid-February birthday celebration.

Rapper Fabolous got a record number of people wasted last weekend in Atlanta -- dropping $45,000 on 120 BOTTLES of champagne at a nightclub ... and it was all a favor for his good friend. Sources tell TMZ, Fab bought the bottles of Rosé Moët as a present for his buddy -- who was celebrating his birthday at Club Compound in Atlanta last Saturday. The bottles were delivered in a golden bath-shaped litter by club personnel -- you know, that wheelless carriage thing royalty travels in ... usually carried on the shoulders of their half-naked royal subjects. According to sources, Fab was hosting the event -- and decided to show everyone in the club a good time by comping the endless flow of booze. (TMZ)

Outside of partying, Fab has reportedly gone back to his ex-girlfriend and Love and Hip Hop cast member, Emily B.

"We are dating still. You know when I first came on I said, "Oh, he doesn't claim me." He's doing all the claiming in the world now," Emily revealed. "Before he was like the star and now we go out and people are like "Oh, hey Fab -- HEY EMILY!! Yeah, we talked about [his past fling with 'Love & Hip Hop' cast member Kimbella]. He said that they never dated. He did say that they had a form of sex. He said that they didn't have sexual intercourse but that doesn't excuse the behavior. People always get mad at me thinking that I blamed her but no, not at all, I blame him." ("Love & Hip Hop" Reunion)

The rapper also recently talked about his burgeoning New York Knicks.

"Jeremy Lin is a shining star right now. It's good to see somebody -- he got that story behind him," Fabolous told MTV News at a Brooklyn video shoot. "I think a lot of people, even myself, when you first heard it, you didn't know if it was a fluke thing or sometimes a kid has a good game and they beef it up, but he's actually playing well." (MTV)

Check out some recent Fabolous footage below:

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