News: Earl Sweatshirt Still Adjusting To Odd Future Fame, "It's Been Pretty Crazy"

Friday, Mar 23, 2012 10:01AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

As he continues to relish the current fame which makes up Odd Future, group member Earl Sweatshirt has offered his take on the current pandemonium.

Having returned after an extensive hiatus from the music spotlight, Sweatshirt admitted his crew's "Free Earl" campaign was a lot for him to process throughout 2011.

"It's been pretty crazy, watching them do them," Earl said about his hiatus from the OF crew while holding four different microphones. While the group was busy breaking through, performing on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and winning Video Music Awards, Earl was attending the Coral Reef Academy in Samoa. Though his 2010 free Internet album Earl helped lay the groundwork for the crew's future success, the OF wunderkind was left on the outside looking in. There was even a "Free Earl" campaign that fans championed in the MC's absence. "It was difficult processing through all of it 'cause it was a lot goin' on with it," he told "RapFix Live." As far as what's next for Earl Sweatshirt: "I'ma do something hot," he said sarcastically. (MTV)

A couple days ago, the rapper performed for the first time in New York City.

Rapper Earl Sweatshirt made his live debut with his Odd Future cohorts at Tuesday night's sold out Hammerstein Ballroom concert in New York, confirming rumors that had been circulating in the days before. The concert marked his first public appearance since returning from a reform boarding school in Samoa, where he'd spent the last year disconnected from Odd Future's ascent. "Y'all better act like y'all missed me," Earl shouted to the crowd before launching into "Orange Juice" and "A**Milk," fan-favorite collaborations with group founder Tyler, the Creator. The surprise performance came on the heels of Earl's appearance in the music video for Odd Future's latest single, "Oldie," as well as an interview with New York radio station Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, his first since returning. "We waited so long for that shit," Tyler added from the stage. "You have no idea how awesome this is." (Rolling Stone)

Hours prior, Sweatshirt spoke on making a strong return to the music spotlight.

"Were you talking to people, aware that s---'s going bananas?" the venerable DJ asks an extremely timid Earl who was put in boarding school in June of 2010, just as Odd Future began their meteoric rise to fame. "I was aware, I mean, because ... the Internet." "Were you aware that you were missing out on something this insane? Were you pissed? Were you annoyed?" Peter Rosenberg responded. "Yeah initially, but then I also got to f---ing see that all this s--- isn't fun all the time." Earl, of course, was speaking of the block that he grew up on. An area of Los Angeles where he could skate and mess around on the pavement until the sun went down. But with the group's rise in fame, Sweatshirt can't walk through his home turf without fans asking for pictures and autographs. (The Boom Box)

Recently, Odd Future's Hodgy Beats remained mum when asked about Earl's return.

"Sh*t, man, it's a different recording and sh*t without Earl. N*ggas did they thing on every song," Hodgy said in an interview on Friday (March 2), referring to an upcoming group mixtape. "Earl back. Uh, I'd rather not even really speak on it. Let's just say that. But Earl is back." (East Village Radio)

Check out Odd Future performing in New York City below:

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