News: E-40 Rides The Bay Wave Over Kreayshawn, "She's Doing Her Thing Out Here"

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012 1:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

West Coast rap veteran E-40 recently offered his take on fellow burgeoning Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn and spoke on her growing popularity, aside from her controversial ways.

Along with Kreay, E-40 said he is happy to see a current wave of new artists from the west continuing to gain national attention.

"Yeah she was down [for the hyphy movement]. She's doing her thing out here in the Bay and nationally," 40 said referring to Kreay. "I'm an O.G. so I'm not a fan of a lot of rappers but I respect what they're doing. I feel like I've already said all there is to say so there's nothing else anyone can teach me, you smell me? I respect everything they're doing and I love to see poise, pizzazz, test of fortitude, and motivation, and all of the things they're doing right now. I love to see characters, people that's from the streets as well putting the comedy in it. That's always the best rapper to me." (Complex)

Kreay may have gave the rap veteran more reason to smile, as she has planned to release new music, and even recently announced the title of her debut album.

"THE ALBUM NAMED WILL BE "Somethin' bout Kreay," she tweeted February 29th.

Last month, Kreay spoke on the perceived pressure of having her album decked out with hits.

The album is almost finished, she says, and features a number of styles of music -- from Baltimore club music to New Orleans juke. "I don't really like ever doing the same thing twice," Kreayshawn says. "Unless it was really good. Like if you eat somewhere really good, maybe you'll go eat there twice." The inevitable question is whether she can turn her "Gucci Gucci" fame into something long-lasting. Or whether she'll end up another person of the viral video era whose 15 minutes of fame came and left. "If the album doesn't have a hit," Kreayshawn says. "I don't care. I'm mobbin.' I'm mobbin' real hard. If something goes wrong, I'll just take all my money and sell hella drugs. Then make a song about that. Then I'll have another hit." She pauses for a second. "I'm just playing. Kinda." (Fres Nobee)

In December, the Bay Area raptress said touring slowed down her album-making process.

"I'm excited because I haven't even put my album out. I'm hoping when I put it out it will be an even crazier year," she said in an interview. "I toured for three or four months, and then I did hella press. It's only this month that I've been able to get into the studio. ... I have more songs. When I make them, I want to put them out, but I have to put them on the album. It's finally getting to a number of songs where it's going to be enough to make an album. I want to get them out because I want to shut everyone up. ... I know who I am. I don't let that stuff bother me. I know it's going to be cool." (SF Gate)

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