5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: DTA x Fly Society: "Stay Fly. Both Brands Kill It In Their Lanes"

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2012 12:00AM

Written by SOHH for Tom Keough

[With the new limited edition collaboration between DTA x Fly Society available for a short period of time exclusively on Karmaloop, Special Project Coordinator Tom Keough gives you five reasons to snatch up this must-have t-shirt collection.]

1. Two Of A Kind

The first reason I have is to support creative and talented people. We've had a relationship with DTA and Fly Society for a long time. Both camps are immensely talented. The creators behind each brand have a pretty extensive background and have been in the industry for a long time. They are very talented and very creative. That's what we really look for over here at Karmaloop when it comes down to choosing our collaborations. We want to work with people who are creative and always moving forward. This is the third collaboration for both companies coming together, DTA and Fly Society. This edition is exclusive and with Karamloop.

2. Limited Time Offer

The second reason is because this is a Karmaloop exclusive. I know in the sneaker culture, kids are always looking for ways to separate themselves from their peers while still fitting in. The fact this is a limited edition line and limited to about 75 pieces of each of the three shirts, our customers can feel comfortable coming here and buying a limited edition piece and the chances of running into somebody rocking the same t-shirt at the club or in school is going to be pretty slim. I know there are some other bigger companies who advertise as exclusive and limited edition, but this is really not the case if they're producing a thousand of them. It's more of a mass market situation. This is a true limited edition case with two great companies.

3. True Freshness

Another reason is staying true. When we're looking to do collaborations, we're looking for brands that are going to have some longevity. We're not necessary going for what's hot at the moment. We want to do a collaboration where people can go to their closets and say, "This is dope, this is two seasons ago." We want this to be stuff that will live on and I think DTA as well as Fly Society do a great job. They're both skate-brand companies and they do a great job staying true to what their roots are. They're well respected skate-wear and street-wear companies. Staying true is a big reason.

4. Family Matters

Family. Another thing that's important is family. It's about supporting your friends and people you're close to. This is about supporting creative people. I think it's dope that these two companies have collaborated because what happens in the industry is you have people come up and as they get bigger, they sort of branch out and lose sense of where they've come from. The fact these two brands come together and still collaborate is dope.

5. I've Gotta Stay Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly

Stay fly is the last reason. Like I said earlier, both brands kill it in their lanes. They are both very well-respected brands. Fly Society's whole persona of being fly, the double-meaning, and graphics, they continually put out quality product that's something that lives on. With both brands, they continually put out product that keeps the consumers coming back. They just kill it.

You Decide. Will you purchase the limited edition DTA x Fly Society t-shirts from Karmaloop?

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