SOHH Whatcha Think: Drake Regrets Being A Lady Killer + Rapper Opens Soul Food Joint?!?

Thursday, Mar 15, 2012 8:31AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka Juice Leroy

Wattup. The Bruce LeRoy of the blogs is back, karate kid crane kickin' you n*ggas with some more of this rap sh*t. First up, we got Mr. Sensitivity himself sorting through his feelings over a cold glass of wine, then we got a rapper who once did the shuck 'n jive now trying to feed the masses. This can't be life.

Drake recently allowed GQ Magazine into his home for an interview. They sat by his pool and as he enjoyed a glass of white wine, he discussed music, his family and of course, his emotions. Why this dude always seem so sad, bruh bruh?

In fact, the "Make Me Proud" hitmaker used to be quite promiscuous. "There's a time where it was like, just getting p-ssy. Where I was in that sort of [mindset where I thought], 'I'm young. I'm going to disconnect from my emotions and just do what everyone else tells me I should do and just a be a rapper and have my fun,'" the hip-hop star, 25, tells GQ's special April Style Bible issue.(US Magazine)


The Young Money star went on to admit that he regrets having sex with tons of beautiful women. Wow. Even typing that felt wild homo.

He admits to having a period where he slept with a ton of girls, but that period in his life has passed. "I'm trying to find the same feelings that I had for women when I had very little going on," Drake admits, "which is tough." Though the interview ended with an invite to spend the night, Drake is definitely not playing around right now. Only two days after tweeting that he had the stomach flu Drake, returned to the road for his Club Paradise tour. (Rapfix)

SOHH Watcha Think: Was Drizzy's music better when he wasn't such a big star? Drake also mentioned that the mood of rap as a whole has changed. No kidding. The skinny jean era has gotten outta hand, as Lil Duval explained a while back.

Outside of opening a watermelon stand underneath a highway overpass, I don't think there's much else former Public Enemy figure Flava Flav can do to secure his title of "Coon of the Century." Harsh? Maybe. But d*mmit, his reality show from back in the day had a major part in all the bullsh*t we see on TV today. Yeah, yeah. I know watcha gonna say, "But he gettin' money doe."


Welp. Looks like he's trying to get more. After opening an unsuccessful chicken empire (How does a chicken store fail?) Flav has a new venture -- soul food. That's right, you can now get a bucket of collard greens and a cup of black eyed peas from Flava Flav. Who's hungry?

LAS VEGAS -- Entertainer and reality TV star Flavor Flav is returning to Las Vegas to open a fried chicken and soul food take-out restaurant. The one-time member of the rap group Public Enemy is due to hold a 6:30 p.m. Thursday opening ceremony at Flavor Flav's House of Flavor at Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road. That's a few blocks southeast of downtown. It'll be the night before the 53rd birthday for the celebrity whose public persona is as big as the clock he wears on his chest.(The Republic)

Ayo, before you peace out, peep this "N*ggas in Paris" parody by way of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Funny stuff!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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