News: Drake Gives His Best Lil Wayne Impersonation, "That's My Idol, So I Know Everything" [Video]

Thursday, Mar 29, 2012 9:19AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money star Drake showed off his wide range of acting skills recently by turning into hip-hop mentor Lil Wayne, admitting he has a knack for impersonations.

Talking to radio host Tim Westwood, Drizzy lost himself for a moment as Weezy.

During his trip to the U.K. for the "Club Paradise" tour, Drake showed off another one of his many talents by impersonating Lil Wayne while visiting BBC Radio 1Xtra host Tim Westwood. "Impersonations are my thing amongst my friends," said Drizzy, while getting into character as his Young Money boss. "You always have to get how he goes from happy to serious within like .5 seconds." Drake discussed Wayne's clothing line Trukfit and sports in the mock interview. "That's my brother. I do it all in good fun," he said. "That's my idol, so I know everything." He also delivered a freestyle for the British radio jock. "This also for the hood stars that I created whose booking rate went up after we dated/ Girl, you made it for real," rapped Drizzy. (Rap-Up)

Over the fall, Young Money's Nicki Minaj also impersonated Wayne on set of their "Y.U. Mad" music video.

Nicki Minaj, who is on the song but wasn't on set was replaced by The Female Weezy. Dressed in camouflaged skater pants and exposed boxer shorts, while sporting blonde dreadlocks, Lady Wayne fully embodied the Young Money CEO. It was all in good fun. "Honestly though, I don't think no one is actually mad, it's just a figure of speech," Wayne explained to MTV News, analyzing Nicki Minaj's hook on the song. "I think Nick just sounded good saying 'mad' at that point in the song. I don't think it would've been cooler if she said, 'That's why you glad.'" (RapFix)

Known for his sense of humor, Drizzy recently unleashed "Wheelchair Jimmy" during a live concert.

Dancing has always been a part of hip-hop. From the Pee-Wee Herman to the Superman to the Dougie, no superstar rapper's profile is complete without a signature dance move. While on his Club Paradise Tour in early March, Drake introduced his new dance step called "The Wheelchair Jimmy" during his performance of the Lil Wayne-assisted song, 'The Motto.' The dance is quite simple to do. You use your hands to pretend that you're pushing yourself in a wheelchair and you hop to the beat. The dance was inspired by Drake's character Jimmy Brooks from the popular teen show 'Degrassi: The Next Generation,' who was paralyzed in a wheelchair after being shot by a fellow student. (Pop Crush)

Last year, Drizzy broke down the science behind his "Drizzy 3 Stroke."

"It's the last moment, you gotta like really, close [in]," Drake explained to radio host Tim Westwood. "[laughs] [You're a one stroke guy?] That's not what they say out here. [laughs] I heard you put it down man, 'Timmy Tim Stroke' over here. Yeah. Co-signed. That's what the girls say. It's more sort of a conclusive moment, you know. What happens during the act, there's a lot of things. There's a lot of different things you can do to make it enjoyable. The '3 Stroke' it just happens to be my finisher move. You know when you used to play video games like Mortal Kombat and you needed some kind of finisher move? That's what I'm saying, that's what I'm trying to put out there. I was just trying to give [the London women at my concert] something to enjoy. That's all. It's important that they have a vivid moment right before 'What's My Name.'" ("Tim Westwood TV")

Check out Drake's interview below:

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