News: DMX's Camp Barks Back At Comeback Tour Confusion, Mega Lawsuit

Friday, Mar 23, 2012 9:26AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In light of current reports claiming DMX is in the dog house for owing a booking agency buckets of money, the rap star's camp has released a statement clearing the air.

According to X's rep Domenick Nati, the rapper is in good standings with concert promoters and booking agencies aside from Heavy Rotation Booking.

"I would like to make clear that DMX's management team is facing legal issues only with Heavy Rotation Booking. HR Booking is a previous promoter who DMX and his management have terminated their agreement with. The "DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012" is a completely separate tour than the one with HR Booking. The promoters for the "DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012" are in good standing with DMX's management, and they are helping us in the process of clearing DMX's passport." (Statement)

This week, reports of HR's lawsuit against X emerged online.

According to the suit, HR bent over backwards to fix the legal issues -- coughing up nearly a hundred grand to cover bail, child support, and a slew of other legal bills ... hoping it would clear the way for the tour, a task that included lifting the lien on X's passport. But HR claims its efforts were in vain -- because DMX continued to cause problems, hiring outside management that tried to book DMX on shows within the United States ... violating X's agreement with HR. On top of that, X couldn't resolve his passport issues ... and all concerts had to be canceled. X's manager Jason tells a different story -- claiming DMX chose to sever all ties with HR after it put the rapper at risk with some unsavory business practices. Still, HR claims it lost $749,285 on the deal gone bad -- and it wants the money back, stat. (TMZ)

X is currently slated to pack his bags for an international tour launching later this month.

Rap star DMX's come back plans are on track, as the rap star has announced a series of dates in Germany and Switzerland. The Yonkers, New York rapper is launching the first leg of his "DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012," which will run through Germany. DMX will head overseas from March 29-April 8, where he will perform eight dates in different regions of Germany. DMX is slated to make stops in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Stuggart, with one date in Switzerland. (AHH)

Despite all the controversy, producer Dame Grease recently spoke on the rapper's star power.

"It's not even DMX 'coming back,'" Grease said in an interview. "I don't even want to say DMX is coming back. We could check a chart right now, and the sh*t is still waving. X ain't put out an album in a couple years. Everybody's aware of all the situations. He's got the controversy, the arrest, all the different things and all that. But as far as an artist, a rapper, a human being, there's nobody that's touching him. Like I always said, I came in the game with a lot of people that's great but he's a person to look up to from my standpoint." (Label Pushers)

Check out some recent DMX footage below:

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