News: DMX Can't Get Out The Dog House, Rapper Sued For Over $700K

Thursday, Mar 22, 2012 9:07AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX's hip-hop comeback continues to face setbacks and distractions as new reports claim the 41 year-old rapper has been sued for over $700,000 by a booking agency.

According to reports, a company called Heavy Rotation has filed the lawsuit against X.

According to the suit, HR bent over backwards to fix the legal issues -- coughing up nearly a hundred grand to cover bail, child support, and a slew of other legal bills ... hoping it would clear the way for the tour, a task that included lifting the lien on X's passport. But HR claims its efforts were in vain -- because DMX continued to cause problems, hiring outside management that tried to book DMX on shows within the United States ... violating X's agreement with HR. On top of that, X couldn't resolve his passport issues ... and all concerts had to be canceled. X's manager Jason tells a different story -- claiming DMX chose to sever all ties with HR after it put the rapper at risk with some unsavory business practices. Still, HR claims it lost $749,285 on the deal gone bad -- and it wants the money back, stat. (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, X made headlines for reportedly owing a million dollars to an alleged ex-girlfriend.

DMX has been accused of owing more than $1 million in back child support -- but TMZ has learned, the rapper ain't convinced the woman pointing the finger is really his baby mama. X's ex, Patricia Trejo, was in L.A. Superior Court Thursday morning, arguing against a motion DMX filed in their ongoing paternity case -- in which the rapper asked the court for permission to perform in Europe. You see, in paternity cases where significant child support is owed, the owing parent is prohibited from obtaining a passport without a court order -- and X wants a special dispensation. But Patricia put her foot down in court Thursday -- claiming DMX owed $1 million in unpaid child support, going back to her daughter's birth over ten years ago ... and she was tired of waiting around. Now here's the twist -- DMX tells TMZ, he hasn't paid because he's not convinced the girl is his ... and wants a DNA test to prove paternity before he starts handing over cash. (TMZ)

Despite all the controversy, producer Dame Grease recently spoke on the rapper's star power.

"It's not even DMX 'coming back,'" Grease said in an interview. "I don't even want to say DMX is coming back. We could check a chart right now, and the sh*t is still waving. X ain't put out an album in a couple years. Everybody's aware of all the situations. He's got the controversy, the arrest, all the different things and all that. But as far as an artist, a rapper, a human being, there's nobody that's touching him. Like I always said, I came in the game with a lot of people that's great but he's a person to look up to from my standpoint." (Label Pushers)

No longer slated to drop later this month, X recently revealed his upcoming LP would likely be a one-and-done with United Music & Media Group.

Although DMX's first full-length in six years is slated to come out on March 27 via United Music & Media Group, the rapper says that fans shouldn't expect to see a new album hitting shelves on that date. "I don't see it being March 27," he says. "The fact that [the label] chose to tell me that makes me reconsider whether or not I made the right decision to f*ck with them. It's only one album, though. It'll be what it is. But I think [it will come out] second quarter, definitely." The Yonkers, New York-bred emcee also cited the label for not holding up its end of their deal. Overall, DMX says that his first experience at UMMG has been "extremely frustrating," and that he sees "Undisputed" being a one-off with the label. "It's like, what the f*ck, man?" says DMX. "Do what you say you're gonna do -- do me like you would do any other artist. Like, d*mn, stick to the f*ckin' script, you know? Mean what you say. You don't gotta lie to me." (Billboard)

Check out some recent DMX footage below:

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