News: Diddy, The-Dream, Nelly & More Rally For Trayvon Martin, "I Didn't Know Wearing A Hoodie Made Me A Target"

Sunday, Mar 25, 2012 11:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The tragic fatal shooting of unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin last month continues to gain nationwide attention as music stars Diddy, The-Dream, Nelly and more have united to spark awareness.

Taking to their preferred social platforms, each entertainer has donned a hoodie in support of Martin.

"I didn't know wearing a hoodie made me a target," tweeted Diddy who posted a pictured himself in a dark hoodie. Nelly also sported a hoodie and added a link to the petition to have George Zimmerman prosecuted for shooting Martin. On his Tumblr page, a hooded Frank Ocean pointed two fingers to his head resembling a gun and wrote, "suspicious black." The-Dream, Jamie Foxx and Swizz Beatz also posted photos of themselves in hoodies to show their support for Trayvon Martin, adding the hashtag HoodiesUp (#HoodiesUp) so others can do the same on Twitter. (Pop Crush)

NBA superstar LeBron James even got his Miami Heat teammates to take part in bringing awareness.

Echoing President Obama, Dwyane Wade spoke personally as a parent about about the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. And shortly afterward, the Miami Heat sent a message as a team, posing in hoodies for a photo that LeBron James tweeted. Wade also posted a photo of himself on Facebook in which he wears a hoodie with the message "#hoodies #stereotype #trayvonmartinmessage." The shooting of Martin , 17, by a neighborhood-watch guard last month continues to resonate; George Zimmerman, the guard, claims he acted in self-defense and has not been charged. Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was killed. (Washington Post)

The incident caught the attention of rap star Young Jeezy who said he now pays more attention to family.

"My son is a good kid. Does he do stuff? Of course, that's what kids do. But nobody's child should be shot in cold blood for anything, especially if they didn't harm or hurt another individual," he said. The fact that Martin is black and George Zimmerman is Hispanic has added a racial sting to the killing, but Jeezy downplayed the racial element and called for unity. "I feel the racial line and the tension of it, I get it, but we're gonna stand strong on the black and the brown side on this one," he said. "We're gonna stand together. I betcha that." The Snowman urges that everyone lend their voice because there is a bigger societal issue at hand. "This is real, I understand that there are a lot of things goin' on in the world and times are hard for everybody right now, but when you start having adults kill children for any reason, then we're on our way to something we don't want to be at," he said. "The minute we accept that, we stand for nothing." (RapFix)

The tragedy forced rapper Jasiri X to pen an awareness record, which he told SOHH was needed in this time of anxiety.

"I was just so angry and heart broken about what was going on," Jasiri told SOHH when asked about the motivation behind his record. "I wanted something to capture the intensity of what happened. Just as a writer, I felt I needed a beat that could capture the intensity. I didn't feel like any beat that I had captured that intensity so when I heard the ['No Church in the Wild'] hook, it's Frank Ocean asking what's God to a non-believer. I looked at Trayvon as a child of God, like, what's a child of God to somebody who doesn't see you as that. He didn't see Trayvon as a child of God or even as a human being. He saw him as a criminal, as a suspicious character that he could shoot down in cold blood and get away with it. And then I heard Frank Ocean say, will he make it out alive, no church in the wild, and I saw that as, 'Where's the refuge as young black men? We can be shot down and killed without justice. We will make it out of this society as old men?' Many of us don't even see ourselves making it to 25, 30." (SOHH)

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