News: Common Wakes Up From 'Ghetto' Dreams, Names Biggest Collabo Wish [Video]

Thursday, Mar 8, 2012 3:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Common recently opened up on his desire to lock in studio time with rap mogul Jay-Z, the one hip-hop star he has yet to collaborate with.

Despite having teamed up with the likes of Nas and Kanye West, Common is still determined to share the mic with Young Hov.

"The emcee that I would like to work with that I haven't worked with, I would say it would be Jay-Z, definitely," he said. "Jay is probably one of the people that I would like to work with most out of the Hip Hop era of music." (X-Rated)

Although Jay rests on his wishlist, Common recently named Nas as his favorite overall emcee.

"I would say Nas, that's my favorite rapper. It's tough, because [Jay-Z] is one of the greatest and many can argue," he said in an interview. "But Nas is so poetic with it and I feel like his lyrics, you can write them down on paper and they will last for time. It would be like literature that we read." (MSNBC)

Outside of hip-hop co-signs, the rap veteran recently spoke on killing his feud with Young Money's Drake at last month's Grammy Awards ceremony.

"We had a talk, we had a conversation. It was a face-to-face, man-to-man, a positive thing. It was a good conversation. I've learned to respect him even more," Common explained in an interview. "I already thought he was a talented guy, but just from the conversation we had, I hold even more respect for him. We saw each other and the conversation was initiated. It was just a respectful conversation that needed to be had, so he knew that I'm not at him trying to destroy him as a human being. It was a hip-hop battle to me. I had to put all of those things into hip-hop -- I gave him a pound, gave him a boom and it was all love." (The Real Cabbie)

Prior to their face-to-face, he also officially announced the beef was a wrap.

"It was all in the honor of hip-hop, it's kind of over now. It's over. So, you know, it was all in the honor of hip-hop," Common told hip-hop personality Toure. "He said some things to me, so I had to say some things back. I wouldn't say [he] started it, but I knew I heard something said that I felt like it was directed toward me so, you know, I addressed it. That's all. But thank God we were able to move forward from it and all is good. We're all emcees and no matter what your age, when you step in the ring -- when you see basketball players playing, they don't be like, 'Well, this guy's [small],' and basically if you're playing against me or you're challenging me at some point, I'm an emcee, I like doing that, I like emceeing. I love it. That's what I go for." (FUSE)

Check out Common's interview below:

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