Pulse Report: Nas Can't Get Enough Dead Presidents, Baby Names The Best Female Rapper Alive, First Lady Of Grand Hustle, Hustles!

Friday, Mar 30, 2012 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we're gonna consider just how big of a problem Nas is having with those pesky dead presidents, hear Baby whine about his pick for the best female rapper alive, give props to Iggy Azalea for grand hustlin' on every doggy and oh SOHH much more!

1. Out For Presidents To Represent Me

Doggies, doggies, doggies. I'm not sure if y'all remember, but when I first got hired to take over the Pulse Report and Cap Diss section, it was around the time Nas was catching some buzz over possibly being the new replacement over at Def Jam. President, to be precise. Well, in just the past 48 hours since, I've seen why he didn't get the j-o-b. Much like I said in that post, he's a buster. LOL. Talent-wise? He's one of the best. But like I've been telling doggies since Nastradamus, he's gotta be one of the laziest famous rappers out there. Not only does doggy not get those Jay-Z checks, but he's also a doggy that's signed to ANOTHER doggy. SMH. Let me not get too far ahead of myself. What we're gonna do here is quite simple. I want to first take a look at Nas' current money problems and then, oh yes, doggies, we're gonna show you a few reasons why he is what he is. For starters, doggy's got the GOVERNMENT getting at him now!?

The next time you buy a Nas album, you're really just handing your money over to the government -- because the rapper's delinquent tax filings have caused Uncle Sam to begin garnishing his wages ... TMZ has learned. As TMZ first reported, Nas is in tax debt up to his eyeballs ... if his eyeballs were $6,000,000 tall. So the government has finally tired of waiting for Nas to pay up, so they filed documents in the state of Georgia to have his wages garnished -- via the music publishing organizations BMI and ASCAP -- until the debt is paid off. So if you like Nas, but hate the government ... perhaps you'll want to find an alternative way to listen to his music. (TMZ)
Nas is great at a lot of things ... rapping, feuding ... but paying taxes isn't one of them ... and now he's on the hook for another $339,000 he allegedly kept from Uncle Sam. According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Nas never forked over $339,005.49 in federal income tax he owed for 2010 ... and now the U.S. government has obtained a lien on his property. Being a tax scofflaw is nothing new for Nas ... according to public records, dude is also on the hook for more than $6 MILLION DOLLARS in back taxes from previous years. We called Nas for comment -- so far, no response. (TMZ)

^ Doggies, not sure if y'all realize this, but that's BAD. I mean, B-A-D. It's one thing to owe a few hundred thousand dollars, maybe even a million if you're a Lil Wayne, but when you're Nas, a doggy that puts out one hot album every ten year average? You've got problems. $6 million types of problems! Doggies, do y'all realize Nas is in danger of having the government jack his paper through publishing? SMH. That's unbelievable. But if you're a doggy like me, then this shouldn't be a surprise. We've seen Nas' downfall over the past few months.

It was only $14,000. No big deal. Nas slapped a bit of watercolor and scribbled some washable marker onto an oversized sketchpad, all while rapping his classic "Made You Look." As fans recorded every second on their smartphones, the rap icon produced a masterpiece right before our eyes in proper Art Basel fashion. Five bids later and it sold -- a $14,000 charity bid from the host of the party, photographer Rashid Johnson. (Miami New Times)

^ Say what you want, but if you try telling me that he did that horrible painting and got a $14,000 check for ANOTHER doggy, nah, you're bugging. Nas had to get some paper out of this pitiful excuse of a painting. LOL. But then the record label dispute?


During an interview with MTV's RapFix Live, Tyga said that recent collaborator Nas had started a new label called Kings and Queens. However, Nas' manager, Anthony Saleh, tells XXLMag.com no such endeavor exists. When contacted by XXLMag.com, Saleh said the report was "not true." (XXL Mag)

^ If there were ever a bad press move, it had to be right here. For a simple moment, every doggy (myself included) felt proud of Nas for having his own label. Although I wasn't too impressed by the name, I was glad to see that Nas was ready to be a boss. But having his manager deny Tyga's claim that he has a label? SMH. I guess he's back to just being a regular roster doggy on Def Jam.

Get More: Music News

"I didn't want to touch on it because it seemed like he was in grave danger out there," Nas said in an interview. "Basically he was a promoter that I never worked with, and he wanted me to come to Africa for New Year's, which, for me, I thought, would be the best way to spend New Year's. ... The business wasn't handled. There was nothing sent to me, and there were no flights. ... By the time he did send money -- he did eventually send money to me -- but it was too late to go. I didn't even have a visa to get in the country. So that's canceled, the show's canceled." (RapFix)

^ I told doggies this from the start. The fact that Nas even accepted a situation to do some international show for New Year's for a measley $300K that he had to share shows the desperation. I mean, how could doggies think he's got paper and willing to settle for less? To make matters worse, him keeping the paper while doggy and his son are kidnapped? SMH...........

NasLegal Gavel

If you want to know Nas' take on his multimillion-dollar tax woes, then you'll have to buy his new album. In February, TMZ reported that Queensbridge MC owes more than $6 million in back taxes, and now the Internal Revenue Service plans to garnish wages earned from his music publishing until things are even Steven. Ever the wordsmith, Nas got creative with his "no comment" comment when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday. "My side of the story is on the record and I speak about it on the record," he said of how he plans to address his tax troubles on his upcoming Life Is Good LP. (MTV)

^ When doggy tells you he'll explain "his" take on why he owes $6 million? Yeah, I think it's safe to say he's got big problems. LOL.

2. The Best, Female, Rapper Alive

Is it just me or does Complex do one of the best Q&A interviews of any publication out? I mean, last week it was Nicki Minaj and this week, Birdman? SMH. If I knew all of y'all would give me your full attention for 10 minutes, I'd put the whole interview in here, but I know y'all got those short attention spans. So with that being said, let's give Birdman the spotlight and have him tell y'all who, and why, is the best female rapper alive.... *Hint: It ain't Lil' Kim*:

We've got Nicki Minaj on our current cover. Do you think Nicki Minajis the biggest female rapper of all time?

I say she is, but if she's not today, within time she will be. No female ever will be able to sell more records than her, have more singles than her, have more number one singles than her, have more awards--no more nothing. She had the most singles by a female last year. Her accomplishments are gonna speak for themselves.

I can say that now because that's just her first album but she's only growing and getting bigger and bigger. She's a global artist. She's a student to the game. She's hard-body with her workload.

I watched her grow. We got Nicki off a street DVD. Wayne brought the DVD to me, me and him was on the bus watching it and it was her just rapping. At the time, Wayne didn't have a female [in the crew] and we were rebuilding what we was doing.

We wanted to have a female that could really rap. Soon as we seen her, we were like "Wow." Two days later, we flew her out and had a meeting with her. We ain't never looked back.

Do you see her as the biggest female artist or just as a female rapper?

I don't look at them as rappers, they're artists to me. D*mn near call them musicians. She's too well rounded to be just looked at like a rapper. She does it all. You'll see, we gonna do more numbers--across the counter and digital.

^ Feel free to insert: "WELL, DUH!!" LOL!!!!

3. Doggy of the Week: Iggy Azalea

If there was ever a chick that could take Nicki Minaj's spot, Iggy Azalea may be the one. She's got the swag, the booty, flow and co-signs. If you have any doubt, let me point out to y'all why these past seven days should have proved you wrong. For starters, the teaser she put out over the weekend was hotter than most female rappers full-length albums. Then, her Complex magazine interview was as stimulating as Nicki Minaj's last week! LOL. Sex, women and rap? <3 <3 <3 But the best part of the week may have come when we all got the closest thing to A$AP Rocky confirming Iggy is his jump-off. LOL. Last but not least? Her new record with T.I. Doggies, if you didn't know it yet, Iggy Azalea is that Doggy of the Week!

1. Murda Doggies

The XXL Freshman 2012 alumnus and Grand Hustle / Interscope signed Australian rapper Iggy Azalea gives us a taste of her forthcoming first single her solo studio debut album The New Classic. The song titled "Murda Bizness" features a guest appearance from her Grand Hustle boss, the self proclaimed King of the South T.I and is set to be released on Monday 26th of March. Take a peek at a 30 second teaser clip for a taste of "Murda Bizness." (Soul Culture UK)

^ Yes, doggies, I'm basing this strictly off her preview/teaser, whatever you want to call it. LOL. I never really take teasers seriously, but this who concept was kinda hot, then you throw in the fact that Tip is associated with it? The chocolate cake too!? CO-SIGN.

2. We Like Doggies, Doggies Like Us


"People think every guy is trying to get my number. I don't have people asking for my number every day or even every week. I often meet people in working environments where it's professional," she said. "[Do I like guys as sexual as me?] No, they turn me off. I wouldn't want to date the guy version of me. If I were a man I'd be a womanizer. I like reserved guys. When they give you attention, it makes me think, "Aww, I'm special."" (Complex)

^ This may be one of the most confusing things I've ever heard a woman say. LOL. The idea that Iggy can't stand a doggy that's too upfront but admitting she would be a womanizer if she was a doggy herself? HUH!? LOL. Any way you slice it, it's a hot tid bit from Iggy. Something different than, "So who do you want to work with? What's your favorite song?"

3. I Got That Sexy Swag

iggy-azaela-2012-01-14-300x300.jpgBarack Obama

"There's sexy and there's beautiful. Sexy is: I have the power, you want me, and I can f*ck around with it. I like that feeling. At home, I want to feel beautiful--not like I'm dominating someone. If I come home dressed like I am in my videos, that would be weird. [Laughs.] ... [Are Americans uptight about sex?] So much of what I do that's controversial in America wouldn't be a big deal back home. America is a highly sexualized society but people are afraid to admit what they like. When people tell me that I have to be sexy that's demeaning, not powerful. ... To a lot of people, a powerful, sexy woman is vulgar. When I first came out people said, she only raps about her vagina. I'm not a vagina rapper! [Laughs.] I talk about many other things." (Complex)

^ LOL! CO-SIGNED! I keep trying to tell my family and friends there is nothing wrong with wearing graphic tees of those women from Two in the Shirt and having half-naked wall papers on my laptop. LOL.

4. She Don't Want It, Doggies!

"They gotta cut it out. That's bullsh*t. Iggy is not racist," A$AP Rocky promised in an interview. "Trust me, truuusst me. That's some bullsh*t. I think that's petty for Azealia because, come on, don't pick on her because she's White. That's a low blow." (Punch Bowl Blog)

^ Even though I never took this whole situation serious, it's good to see that A$AP Rocky could step up and defend his.....SWEET THANG!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! I gotta give props to Punch Bowl, they knew what they were doing by sideway asking him a question related to Iggy. SMH. Anyway though, big props to Rocky for coming through and looking out for the homegirl.

5. Like A Virgin, Rapping For The Very First Time

For her official first single, buzzworthy rap upstart Iggy Azalea is killing the pride and hurting the feelings of her detractors and competition with "Murda Bizness," a slick, boastful, and downright bangin' introduction that features rapper T.I. cosigning the pretty rapstress' impending reign. Iggy, who graces the cover of XXL's always-interesting Freshmen issue, is using "Murda Bizness" to lead her Interscope Records' debut album, The New Classic, out in June. (Neon Limelight)

^ HOT! HOT! HOT! That's a hot record.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Kate Upton

If there's one addiction I have, doggies, it's television. But not even just television shows or sports programs, it's the commercials. My football coach back during those middle school days would tell us stories about a doggy he knew that hated to exercise, watched TV all the time and was in the best shape he'd ever seen. How? Well, doggies, the same method I've jacked. Push-ups and sit-ups during commercials. I say all of that to say this. Hardee's commercials? KATE UPTON!?!?!?! So "this" is the chick Kanye West was getting rumored to be hooked up with? SMH. Doggies, she is a BAD CHICK! I can't get enough of those Hardee's ads. LOL. Doggies, bow down to the 19 year-old hottie.

Kate UptonKate Upton

Kate UptonKate Upton

Kate UptonKate Upton

And for the doggies that think I'm just gassing y'all up about how banging K. Upton looks on that television screen, check out her hottest commercials down here:

^ SMH.......19 doggies. She's 19!?!?!?!?! SMH.........

5. Doggies Say The Darnest Things

There are some new faces in this week's round-up, doggies. I mean, it's not everyday that Azealia Banks gets the spotlight in here and for what you might be asking yourself? Calling Kanye West just a regular doggy? There's being modest and then there's being dummmmmmb. Y'all decide on that one. LOL. Then it's off to 2 Chainz. I mean, c'mon Tity Boi Boi, you get a couple records on the radio and feel you can boast? You killed yourself boasting about whips, get that album on store shelves and then flaunt. If his yapping didn't bore y'all, then Lupe Fiasco's under-the-radar annoucement that he's no longer doing mixtapes surely will. *CRICKETS* Uhhhh......doggy, you hardly drop new music as it is. SMH. But even Lupe's grill can't keep us from cheesin' on Travie McCoy. Doggy, the first inkling that Katy Perry would take you back, you'd drop your bags and go running into her arms. LOL. Then, it's that doggy we all love to ignore. 5-0 Cent. Producing, 5-0? Why not try making a sellable album again. In case y'all didn't realize it, it's that time for Doggies Say The Darnest Things!

1. Azealia Banks

azealia-banks-2012-03-10-300x300.jpgKanye West

The Harlem-born 20-year-old seems almost aggressively unastonished by the attention. "I definitely have more money [now] and sh*t," she admits, "but that's all virtual stuff. I've been making music for a while. And I could read about myself on the Internet for a while." And meeting the likes of Kanye? "It's cool, but they're just people. The skies don't part and glow orange." As Banks begins recording her first album, is she listening to anyone for inspiration? "Everyone," she says, but mostly "Azealia Banks."

2. 2 Chainz

2 ChainzTiti Boy

"A lot of these n*ggas are just rap n*ggas. That's the difference between me and a lot of these other n*ggas--I live it. I'm actually at a gas station in the hood putting gas in my dirty Porsche on the way to the salon," Chainz explained in an interview. "N*ggas don't do that, and I been doing it before I got my deal with Def Jam. A lot of sh*t that irritates people about rappers, it irritates me too. ... I was gonna get a Maybach. I think [T.I.] got a Maybach, but he ain't got, like, a long one. I was gonna get the 62. So I was telling Nelly that I was thinking about getting me a Maybach or something. He said, "They finna stop making Maybach's. Sh*t, we don't collect cars, we get them cuz they cool. If it was an old school I could see it, but you need to get you a tour bus." He told me how he charges certain artists a certain amount to rent buses he owns. The next week, I got online and used that money I was going to use for a Maybach or a Bentley truck and put it into the tour bus."

3. Lupe Fiasco

"We got a long, illustrious career on the mixtape circuit, right? Some pretty groundbreaking things on those mixtapes, right?," Lupe told a crowd of Portland fans during a recent concert. "So, in light of that history of amazing, lyrical feats and superb wordsmith-ness, I am sad to say tonight that there will be no more Lupe Fiasco mixtapes. Second piece of announcements. ... Food & Liquor 2 is done. Release date? I don't know. Let's just say -- July. The only thing that's holding Food & Liquor 2 up -- is whether or not it's gonna be a double CD or not."

4. Travie McCoy

Travis McCoy & Katy PerryKaty Perry, Jay-Z & Kanye West

He told us: "Katy Perry was almost five years ago. Life has moved on to say the least. I've not been in touch to be honest with you and I don't mean that in a malicious way. That situation was what it was and I have definitely moved on. When was the last time you spoke to your ex of five years?" Travie and his relationship with Perry hit the headlines on a regular basis both during and after the time they were lovers. At the peak of their romance in 2008, he was often referred to as the boyfriend who understood her lifestyle.

5. 5-0 Cent

Recently, Fif talked about the album being his best work to date and the tremendous amount of his heart and soul going into the creation of his "comeback" project. But he did hold back in one area of the album's recording process. 50 told VIBE he wouldn't try his hand at producing like many of today's new rap stars, such as J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. "No, I don't want to get producer's ears," 50 told VIBE. "What I mean by that is [when] the producer hears his snare, his kick, and what he think his keys should be on the actual records and sometimes they can't hear something that's hot, that someone else [did.]" He added, "A hit is a marriage between the production and the actual lyrics and tone."

***Yes, doggies, the sad fact that Tim Tebow is probably going to mentally destroy Mark Sanchez has finally sunk in my head. SMH. But that's way down the road, time to focus on those New York Yankees and baseball season! The weather is only getting nicer around the Big Apple, so all y'all doggies on Spring Break can suck it! LOL. J/K. FYI, seems like SOHH has changed up the commenting system, so looks like that Jay-Z Cap Diss may be nixed. SMH. It's weekend time, doggies, so pack up and roll out! I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

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