News: Boston Cops Shut Down Odd Future Show, "The Club [Owner] Made Us Turn It Off & The Police Are Right There" [Video]

Thursday, Mar 22, 2012 9:47AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A day after New York City welcomed the official return of Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt at a Manhattan concert, police shut down the crew's showcase last night (March 21) in Boston.

According to crew leader Tyler, the Creator, police arrived at their set and forced an early departure for fans.

According to Pitchfork the local authorities cut the gig short after a member of the group's crew was arrested outside the venue. In the footage, captured by a fan at the show, you can see the group's leader, Tyler The Creator, explain to the crowd why the were cutting their set short. In the video, Tyler can be heard saying: "We wanted to finish (the show) but the owner of the club made us turn it off and the police are right there." It's at this point his microphone is turned off and the stage lights are dimmed as a chorus of boos ring out from the crowd. (NME)

Further reporting claims a group member's arrest ultimately caused the show's cancellation.

Under the Gun Review reports that Lionel, a non-musical member of the hip-hop collective, was the one arrested outside. The site also reports that Odd Future member Jasper Dolphin was restrained by security after attempting to leap from the venue's balcony. (Rolling Stone)

A day prior to the Boston show, Earl Sweatshirt talked about OF's recent success.

"Were you talking to people, aware that s---'s going bananas?" the venerable DJ asks an extremely timid Earl who was put in boarding school in June of 2010, just as Odd Future began their meteoric rise to fame. "I was aware, I mean, because ... the Internet." "Were you aware that you were missing out on something this insane? Were you pissed? Were you annoyed?" Peter Rosenberg responded. "Yeah initially, but then I also got to f---ing see that all this s--- isn't fun all the time." Earl, of course, was speaking of the block that he grew up on. An area of Los Angeles where he could skate and mess around on the pavement until the sun went down. But with the group's rise in fame, Sweatshirt can't walk through his home turf without fans asking for pictures and autographs. (The Boom Box)

Recently, a Boston police department's website was compromised by hackers who placed KRS-One's "Sound of Da Police" on its homepage.

The Boston Police Department's website remained offline for the second day after members of the hacking collective Anonymous defaced it. People trying to access it yesterday were redirected to the department's Facebook page, a day after the hackers posted rapper KRS-One's "Sound of Da Police'' video, which criticizes police brutality. A police spokeswoman yesterday declined to discuss why the website has not been restored. (Boston Globe)

Check out footage from the concert below:

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