5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Black Belt Theatre": "The Majority Of The World Knows What A Black Belt Means & I'm At That High Point Right Now"

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Planet Asia

[With his long-awaited Black Belt Theatre album finally on store shelves, West Coast rap veteran Planet Asia gives you his top five reasons to dig in your pockets and cop this must-have LP.]

1. Gotta Stay Fly

First off, the artwork is fly. I know the era we're living in is more geared toward street art and different types of graphic design outside of just having a picture of yourself on the cover which is what I'm used to having and my favorite. But in this era, I know it's about the graphic art. I have a homegirl who actually goes to school and does design. I think she's dope and I wanted to use her for the album and gave her a lot of time to work on it. Exactly what you see on here is the vision I had in my head. She brought that to life.

2. Dirty Dancing

My second reason is because the production is crazy. A majority of the album was produced by a team called Dirtydiggs. They're brothers, biological brothers, and their music is pretty much raw, rare samples. You can hear a song like "F*ck Rappers," and just hear how raw it is and see how much they flipped it. That's my favorite type of music right there. Oh No, Khysis and plenty of producers helped out. Even though I used a lot of producers, I made sure all of the pieces fit correctly.

3. VIP Guest List

Third, my features are unexpected and off the d*mn Richter scale. I've put out a lot of albums thoughout these years and I've never really done a lot of features. When I first came out and got my major deal, the only person I think I had on my first record other than people inside my crew was Ghostface Killah. I was never really a feature-type dude but I wanted to this time around. Some of the biggest records out have great features with them. I wanted to have that album underneath my belt, an album where I collaborated with people I've always wanted to collaborate with.

4. All For One

The fourth reason is because it's a full album and it conincides with each other. I made sure the whole album meshed together. I made sure the skits all went together and were all properly added. I wanted to make sure this was a full album. A lot of dudes, they just make albums full of singles. There's nothing wrong with fillers, but you can have some songs with substance to make the entire project make sense. At first this was only going to be about style with about twelve bangers, but then as I got more into it, I started really feeling it. The album kept getting bigger.

5. Lyrical Swords

The last reason is because the lyrics are just crazy on there. It's a classic. This is all about having the highest degree of lyricism. I feel like I'm at the highest point. The majority of the world knows what a black belt means and I'm at that high point right now.

You Decide. Will you purchase Black Belt Theatre?

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