5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Beautiful/Decay: "We've Never Taken The Easy Way Out To Make A Buck"

Friday, Mar 30, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Amir H. Fallah

[With pop culture crazes barely enjoying an overnight lifespan these days, Beautiful/Decay founder Amir H. Fallah gives you five reasons to check out his street-art publication.]

1. Check The Tags

I think the first reason would be because we've been around since 1996 and we've always been a 100 percent independent company that's by artists and designers for artists and designers. We're one of the first magazines to be out there before there even existed the term "street art." Before the term came about, we were featuring it. We really helped plant the seed for how popular that whole world has become.

2. Game Changers

The second reason is because we have a non-traditional business model. Whether it's working through apparel, our books, art shows, and other things, instead of going with the big guy or whoever is popular at the moment, we actually don't do that at all. Business-wise it doesn't make the most sense but for our fans and readers, it does. We're not trying to get the big buy and put him on the cover to sell a few extra books. We try to find the guy that nobody knows about but that everybody should. I think there's very few websties and publications or even companies that do that. They usually take the safe way out and go with whoever is the flavor of the month. We've been responsible for breaking a lot of artists and designers over the past 13 or so years we've been around.

3. We Want It All

The third reason is because we don't just do the apparel, we don't just do the books, we have our hand in a little bit of everything. We've done everything from putting a show together for Talib Kweli and Warner Bros. in Las Vegas to doing an art show in Los Angeles with artists from Japan. Our goal is to push creativity. One month we might collaborate with Warner Bros. and then the next month we might collaborate with some tiny clothing line. It doesn't really make a difference to us. We like to push the envelope.

4. Tasty Bites

Another thing is outside of featuring artists on our covers, we're constantly collaborating with the next series of tastemakers. We've taken a lot of risks. We like to push the envelope and try to do something you're not expecting. We're constantly thinking of weird things to do.

5. Count On Us

The most important reason is because we have a lot of integrity. We've never taken the easy way out to make a buck. We've been independent since 1996. We've had ups and downs but we've always looked out for the fans. There's never been a time where we sacrificed quality or bowed down to an advertiser just to make a dollar. We've passed up hundreds of thousands of dollars to do what we believe in. That's very hard to find these days. A lot of people make decisions for a quick dollar.

You Decide. Will you purchase Beautiful/Decay?

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