News: Andre 3000 Hearts G.O.O.D. Music & Young Money, "I'm Happy To See Kanye [West], [Lil] Wayne & Drake & All These New Artists"

Monday, Mar 5, 2012 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Andre 3000, one-half of the dynamic duo Outkast, has opened up on his mogul-like stature in hip-hop and why rap stars such as G.O.O.D Music's Kanye West to the Young Money crew, inspire him to keep rhyming.

For Three Stacks, seeing the new class of hip-hop elite embrace him serves as an energy boost for his music-making.

"Now I talk to Drake, and I know he had to be like ten when he was listening to what we were doing. You just never know who's listening until you hear a connection. I didn't even know Drake dug my music, I just liked him as a rapper because I felt he had a balance. I didn't even know that he grew up listening to me. But it's cool to know that it's a real lineage thing. I'm happy to see Kanye and [Lil] Wayne and Drake and all these new artists. They inspire me in a way because they reach back and they say, "Hey, we want to get you on these songs." I don't rap every day. I don't sit around writing raps like that. And when these artists call, it's kind of like they get me going. And I really wanna just be good for them. I want to impress them or have them be happy to say, "Okay, he did well on my song." I don't want to be messing their song up." (The FADER)

In October 2010, Drake spoke on his long-awaited wish to collaborate with Dre.

"It was cool," he said of appearing on the "Deuces" remix with his idol. "I love the remix and stuff, but when I say I wanna work with him I really wanna pull him into my world or go into his world or do something where it's a song that I've created from the ground up, where he raps and, hopefully, I could sort of shape the direction of the song a bit more...For me, 'Deuces' was cool and all and obviously being on a song with him for the first time was amazing but it doesn't satisfy my urge to work with him. That's still very much alive and I really wanna work with him on something that's my own." [sic] (XXL Mag)

In July 2010, producer Swizz Beatz said 3000 was originally considered for Drake's Thank Me Later single, "Fancy."

"Andre 3000 was supposed to be on 'Fancy,' "Swizz revealed. "Drake had a group of people he wanted to be on it: Andre, Tip, this one, that one. But the deadline for the album rushed a lot of things. [Drake] can tell you the rest, but Tip just wound up being on it. Which I'm cool with, cause that's the homie." (MTV)

After making brief appearances in the hip-hop spotlight over the past few years, the former ATLien recently gave fans an OutKast update.

"There's been a lot of talk on the Internet about an OutKast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another OutKast album. There's a lot of music on the horizon. I've been living off the excitement of new artists. I've been privileged to have these new artists kind of reach out and grab back and say, "Hey, Andre, we want you on this song." So I've been taking those calls and for the last two years, I've been doing collaborations. So these new artists have kind of been keeping me alive. I've just really been feeding off of that and this year I think I'm planning to do a solo project. I don't know when it will come out, but hopefully it'll come out this year. As far as OutKast, I really don't know if or when that will happen." (GQ)

Check out a recent Andre 3000 interview below:

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