5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Acropolis: "We Don't Just Slap Graphics On Tees To Try & Move Them"

Monday, Mar 26, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Michael Pino

[With spring finally in full effect, Acropolis founder Michael Pino gives you his top five reasons to get dressed fresh in his clothing line's apparel.]

1. Get Like Me

I think one reason why you should consider buying Acropolis is because it's a new hot brand that's been under people's noses if you haven't really looked. We're starting to get more exposure. We actually started as a one-man show back in 2007. So this is our fifth year and the brand has grown. We're now incorporating a lot more styles, from hoodies to crew necks, snapbacks, fitted caps, things like that. The company has steadily grown.

2. You Know You Want It

I feel like another big reason is because every piece of clothing has meaning. We don't just slap graphics on tees to try and move them. We try to have very well and thought out clothing items for each season and each collection. We make meaningful pieces which hold true to the concepts. The whole concept of the brand is a play on words, when you look at the Acropolis. It comes from Acropolis back in ancient Greece which is the highest platform you can be on. So that's where the name comes from. The focus is really on all sorts of human achievement, greatness and things of that nature. We try to be a bit more sophisticated.

3. Price Chopper

I think our price point is something which is very good compared to everything that's out there. We're very unique. There's a few other historical brands but they're more so on the darker tip. With Acropolis, we are more focused on positivity based on achievement and those types of things. The price is very important and you have to make sure you have quality stuff to offer. If you don't have quality stuff, people will buy one shirt and stop there. You have to have quality. That's your reputation. That's what your brand is built on but you also have to have a good price point. Look at how many brands are out there.

4. Invite-Only Status

I would say another reason is because since we're new and up-and-coming, all of our stuff is pretty exclusive. If people go out there and cop it, I don't think you're going to see too many others wearing it. We've been featured on a few different artists. That's always great to get that love. In terms of being exclusive, I'm talking about who all carries our brand. We're not just flipping out units to get the sales and going to every store. We've selective and want to build a solid foundation.

5. Styles, P(lease)

The last reason is because I think our style and graphics are pretty cool. We try to do each season differently. Our holiday selection was really Asian-influenced, warrior styles with samurai themes. We try to keep it fresh and keep people on their toes. Over the past few years, our selections have really been getting great.

You Decide. Will you purchase Acropolis?

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