News: 50 Cent Says New LP Better Than "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'"

Sunday, Mar 18, 2012 11:29PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently discussed his absence from social networking tool Twitter, citing a dedication to album-making for swaying him away from constant updates.

According to Fif, his upcoming follow-up to 2009's Before I Self Destruct is sonically better than 2003's Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

"I haven't been on twitter much because I been focused on my album. I listen to GRODT over and over I honestly think my new albums better.," he tweeted March 16th. (50 Cent's Twitter)

Last December, Fif revealed some producers fans could look forward to on the LP.

"Production-wise, man, I got some Boi-1da joints," 50 said. "I did some stuff with Alex da Kid. I worked with [Eminem]--well, he didn't actually produce the record this time, but we worked together. On the record, we recorded a few joints. I worked with Frank Dukes, and he came with some pieces for me this go-round." (XXL Mag)

Earlier this winter, the platinum-selling rapper blamed internal problems with Interscope Records for offsetting its planned release.

"I wrote this album. I went through the process of writing it. It's been discouraging at points to not see the same efforts from everyone," 50 said when asked about his label frustrations and perceived depression. "As far as me partnering with Feeding America for this actual project, the business model that I adapted was -- conscious capitalism. [New album this year?] Hopefully." (CES)

Last year, the New York rap star revealed he had no intention of rushing out a new LP.

"I want to come out at the top of the year, I want to be ready, but, you know, of course it's all on how everybody else puts together their actual marketing campaign and get it right," 50 said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. "I don't have a timeline anymore. I'm doing the Dr. Dre. I'm doing what Eminem does. I've been on a shot clock my entire career. 'I've gotta come out during this period. I've got to come out during this period.' Like, every other year. My albums are so successful that it would take me a year to get done touring off of them. I may not necessarily tour off of this album. I might release it and decide I'm going to make the next one instead of actually going out and touring and let everybody live with that and do something different. Or they'll see me at spot dates." (Shade 45)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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