News: Young Jeezy Gets That White Girl, Hooks Up W/ Betty

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 1:24PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy seems to still have a thing for that white girl, raising eyebrows after getting spotted with Hollywood veteran actress Betty White.

Jeezy shared a conversation with White prior to last night's airing of the "Conan" talk show.

Now here's something you don't see every day. "Golden Girl" Betty White got some thug motivation from Young Jeezy backstage at "Conan" today. "With the OG Betty White," tweeted the Snowman, who will perform his new single "Leave You Alone" with Ne-Yo on tonight's show. (Rap-Up)

No stranger to hip-hop, White previously shared the television spotlight alongside rap mogul Jay-Z for "Saturday Night Light" a couple years ago.

"The nerves are running rampant tonight because I'm scared to death, if you really want to know the truth," White said about the big show this weekend. "Well, there are a lot of sketches coming up. I know it seems like about 350, and I will be doing a couple of sketches with Jay-Z, so that should be fun. "The "Golden Girls" star said she thinks performing alongside Jay will finally prove to all her pals that she's still hip. "I'm very excited about meeting him, and I bragged to all my friends who think I'm over the hill," she joked. "Well, I did a sketch with Jay-Z." (MTV)

White previously said she was excited to meet the rap mogul.

When Betty White hosts Saturday Night Live May 8, the musical guest will be Jay-Z. And as the TV legend told reporters on a conference call today (April 28), she's getting into an Empire State of Mind, so to speak. White told reporters that she has been familiarizing herself with Jay-Z's music. "Oh, I'm thrilled to meet him, thrilled that he's going to be on the show because he's the hottest thing since sliced bread," said White. "I will certainly enjoy him; I hope that we get along well." (Dose News)

Last February, Jeezy caught hip-hop heads' attention after linking up with pop singer Justin Bieber.

Vulture has previously pointed out how Young Jeezy -- whose next album, Thug Motivation 103, is in a state of perma-delay -- had his position of reigning gruff-but-charismatic-drug-dealer-rapper usurped by Rick Ross. What can Jeezy do to remedy the situation? Either drop 103 to universal critical and commercial acclaim -- or do a song with the possibly omnipotent Justin Bieber. Looks like he's going the latter route: In a grand coup for his career, Da Snowman was photographed in an L.A. studio with a pre-haircut JB over the weekend, presumably while working on a track. Okay, Jeezy's back, everyone; go about your business. (NY Mag)

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