News: Willow Smith Falls Head Over Heels For Tyler, The Creator, "[He's] The Love Of My Life"

Thursday, Feb 16, 2012 11:28PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Roc Nation protege Willow Smith may only be 11 years-old, however, the daughter of Hollywood stars Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith has pronounced her love for Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator.

A fan of the Odd Future movement, Willow revealed her connection to Tyler this week.

How many 11 year olds are down with Odd Future? Willow Smith met up with crew leader Tyler, the Creator at the Odd Future store in Los Angeles. Wearing a Goblin sweatshirt and beanie, the "Fireball" singer professed her love for the "Yonkers" rapper, writing, "Life is complete... Love of my life." But it's more than just a crush. Willow has been outspoken about her affection for all things OFWGKTA. Is a collaboration next? (Rap-Up)

Willow recently made headlines for shaving her head completely bald.

It's the end of an era, tweens and tween-adjacents. After 464 glorious days of hair whipping, Will Smith's singing, dancing daughter Willow posted a pic on her WhoSay account showing a newly shorn head. Known for out-there style choices, the "21st Century Girl" must have felt that long locks were so last year -- either that or she got a little too close to a "Fireball." All in all, it was a good run -- when Miss Piggy is mussing her golden coiffure in tribute, you know you've succeeded. Let us pause and take a moment to remember the paint-splattering, hair-whipping good times (video below, obviously). (Entertainment Weekly)

In December, Willow and rap star Nicki Minaj's "Fireball" music video officially premiered.

Directed by Roman Lee, "Fireball" is a simplistic take on Smith's sassy and youthful energy. It begins with a shot of a deserted sidewalk and cuts to a scene of the 11-year-old singer in front of blazing flames in an elaborately decked out ensemble, including a headpiece. As dancers perform a choreographed routine, Smith is seen strutting down the street with everlasting swag and attitude. It's not long before Young Willow also shows her dancing skills when she joins in on the extravaganza, throwing in a few hair whips here and there. Minaj visits the street takeover soon after in an over-the-top dress made of fluorescent-colored teddy bears and matching fur boots. While streetlights glimmer on the wet pavement, the Young Money diva dances beside the singer as she spits her guest verse. (MTV)

A few days prior to its premiere, Smith opened up about her chemistry alongside Minaj for their collabo.

"Nicki Minaj is absolutely an amazing person. She has so much energy and working with her was like just a spark. We were coming together with all our art and everything and it was amazing," Smith explained. "We didn't really give each other ideas. We were just kind of talking about what, like, kind of what a fireball is. A fireball is somebody--it doesn't have to be a girl or a boy--somebody that just goes out there and does what they want to do and is just so outgoing and tries new things and just is true to who they are." ("Ryan Seacrest Show")

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