News: UPDATE: King Of Diamonds Hospitalized Stripper Speaks Out, "I'm Scared Sh*tless"

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 11:13AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Days after giving fans a scare upon getting hospitalized from a serious work-related injury, Miami's King of Diamonds stripper Tip Drill has provided an update on her condition.

Writing on Twitter, Tip told fans her injury is serious but she is being taken care of.

"To. Everyone who worried about me I'm good weirdos," she tweeted February 20th.
"Don't take everyday for granted Everything happens for a reason but y me?"
"Keep me n your prayers guys please!"
"So the hospital had to changes room four times for security purposes.....y'all really do love me"
"So the plastic surgeon team just came n woke me up n told me to be ready Monday....I'm scared sh*tless" (Tip Drill's Twitter)

Tip Drill's King of Diamonds side kick Skrawberry released a statement on what went down yesterday.

"Tip Drill did take a dangerous fall but she's strong and she will in fact make a full recovery.... She was not drunk... In fact her injuries could have been much worse had she not positioned her body correctly during the 35+ feet fall. Even though her injuries were serious, thank God she's not paralyzed and she'll survive!" (Statement)

Young Money rap star Drake publicly showed his concern for Tip over the weekend.

"Praying for my homegirl Tip Drill one time.," he tweeted February 18th. (Drake's Twitter)

The stripper is reportedly known for being one of the best at her craft in Miami.

Tip Drill, perhaps Miami's most famous strippers, was reportedly hospitalized after some sort of accident during her death defying act at King at Diamonds last night. Few details are available right now, but the news has so shaken Miami that Tip Drill's name is trending locally on Twitter right now. Tip Drill is noted for acrobatic sets at Miami's most celebrated strip club, King of Diamonds, and her signature entrance involves her emerging from the ceiling and sliding all the way down a stripper poll before landing on her legs. (Miami New Times)

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