News: UPDATE: Bow Wow Barks Back, Wags Off Arrest Warrant Reports

Monday, Feb 6, 2012 2:38PM

Written by Biz Jones

Cash Money Records' Bow Wow has shaken off reports claiming he is being sought after by police courtesy of a Georgia judge in relation to a case dating back to 2009.

Tweeting a past movie scene photo of himself in jail, Bow Wow said the reports were only giving his forthcoming Underrated solo album more promotion.

"Been here before.... Haha," he tweeted February 6th.
"All i know is im on a World Tour and i gotta sold out show in Paris France tomar. All they doing is making my album gain momentum." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

Reports of his arrest warrant hit the Internet late Sunday (February 5) evening.

Bow Wow was ordered by a Tennessee court back in 2009 to pay almost $100,000 to a tour bus company for allegedly not paying his bill. The company then took the case to Georgia to try and get the court where Bow Wow lives to enforce the judgment. He was ordered to produce documents in his home state regarding the lawsuit, which he never did. As a result, the tour company filed a motion to have the rapper held in contempt. Finally back in October, the judge granted the motion and ordered Bow Wow be arrested and held until he produces the necessary documents the tour bus company asked for. Bow Wow has not been taken into custody so far, or responded to the lawsuit. (TMZ)

The rapper recently discussed the vibe behind his new "Right Now" single.

"I ain't felt this good about a single in a long time. I don't want to confuse everybody with "Sweat." That's kind of like the first look. I kinda of did that just for me fans," Bow Wow tells VIBE. "They wanted it so bad. I did it for the fans' sake." The song, dubbed "Right Now," is Bow Wow's most grown single to date. On the track, he finds himself ready to make the night a memorable one with a female companion. We're talking scenes for mature audiences only. Even the production steps up the sexiness and strays away from the pop sensibilities of his past hit singles. Though it was still un-mastered when previewed for, we can say the hook is perfect for Miguel. "You can't base the album off "Sweat." It's really the only pop record on there," Bow Wow explains. (VIBE)

A few months ago, Bow Wow defended his decision to delay the upcoming solo album.

"But on to whats important, "UNDERRATED" everyone wants to know why its delayed or why is it getting pushed back. I hear yall jokes "His sh*t aint never droppin" it is dropping. "When I Feel like its right tho" my album sounds nothing like what you've heard come out of the camp PERIOD so far. I know yall want this album just as much as i want to deliver it. The thing is tour just ended like 3 n half weeks ago. I left studio to tour which of course set me back. I have to mix all the records which i have just now kinda started. "Sweat" video will be out in a week or 2. Took a minute to finalize all the graphics and detail because of the CGI effects. Also dont forget im stil working on my tv sitcom with Ice Cube as well. I think people forget i got 2 jobs (Rapper/Ator) hahaha.. Record just went to radio as well. Not only that but im trying to get India Irie to sing on "Boy Or Girl" being that that sample you are hearing on that record is her. I figured it would be so meaningful and better with her apart of it live.," [sic] he wrote Saturday (November 27). (Bow Wow Underrated)

Check out some recent Bow Wow footage down below:

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