News: Tyga's "Careless World" First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 9:54PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money rapper Tyga's long-awaited Careless World album will easily make it onto the Top 10 sales chart in seven days with first-week projections going up to 80,000 sold records.

While Tyga will not top the chart, his delayed LP is en route to do impressive first-week numbers.

Adele's 21 will easily score another week at #1, her 22nd, with an estimated total now close to 300k. Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic rapper Tyga's sophomore album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, should do 70-80k, which is all digital sales, since the physical copy of the album was pulled due to an uncleared sample from Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Tyga is an acronym which stands for "Thank You God Always" for the prolific mixtape artist of Vietnamese-Jamaican origin, whose real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson and whose previous album, 2008's No Introduction, was on the Decaydance label. (HITS Daily Double)

Prior to his denials, weekend reports claimed sample clearances would keep the LP off store shelves.

Well it looks like massive electronic retailers like Best Buy may not be putting the album out this coming Tuesday. Apparently the title track to the album, 'Careless World,' features samples from the late Martin Luther King that have not been authorized. It also seems that Martin Luther King's estate have asked that the albums be pulled from retail shelves and sent back to Tyga's label, Universal Music Group. (This Beat Goes)

The rapper's album has picked up momentum courtesy of its popular "Rack City" single.

"I think that the timing is right," Tyga tells The Boom Box. "Having the No. 1 rap song out right now, I know my fans have been waiting for it and I'm ready to put it out." To kick off its release, Tyga will head out on his Careless World Tour on the same day that the album drops. Although he's been keeping a lot of the details around the album secret -- he only fell victim to one leak by way of the song 'King of Queens' featuring Wale and Nas -- he's confident that fans will connect with the project. "I'm excited just to get it out and get it to fans," he continues. "I still give people a little party music, but I feel like when you make albums different from mixtapes, [the] album needs to be more of a theme." (The Boom Box)

Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens recently showed off her love for the record on "Late NIght with Jimmy Fallon."

The conversation turned to music, after Fallon asked her what she was listening to. Hudgens named a number of groups, like the Black Keys and Elbow. Jimmy spoofed that he was listening to Sade, and Vanessa countered with "Rack City." Jimmy didn't know the song, so Vanessa sang a verse of the, shall we say, bouncy tune. "And 'Rack City?' Rack, rack, rack city chick. Rack, rack, rack city chick," Hudgens recited to Fallon when he said he was unaware of the tune. "Throwin' hundreds, hundreds! Hundreds, hundreds. [laughs] That's my slogan." (The Improper)

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