The Score: Twisted Metal:"Classic Deathmatches Are Fun & A Couple Of The Boss Fights Are Great"

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 4:35PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Twisted Metal
  • Playstaion 3
  • November 8, 2011
Metacritic 9.5/10
Game Trailers 9.2/10
Gamespot 8.65/10

If you're in the mood for a little carnage on Valentine's Day, try your hand at a dangerous death race via Twisted Metal, the latest installment in the popular racing series.

Like previous TM games, there are miles and miles of mayhem for players to enjoy.

Gamers who love the action-racing shooter genre have their latest gift coming in the form of Twisted Metal with more firepower and rage than ever before. Sony Computer Entertainment launched its eighth installment of the longest-running PlayStation game series and gamers are already flocking to know more about the characters, the weapons and the gameplay.(Blast Reviews)

This time around, characters such as Sweet Tooth can use other character's vehicles.

But this Twisted Metal tournament is a little different. Unlike past games, only three main competitors enroll in Calypso's content: Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, and Doll Face. Each of the demented drivers bring along henchmen to compete with, forming three gangs that wage war across suburbs and cities alike. All three groups (and a fourth group in the multiplayer modes) have access to every vehicle, meaning the iconic Sweet Tooth can drive other cars besides his ice cream truck.(IGN)

Critics cite the game's small cast of characters as a huge flaw, but praise the deathmatches. 

The lack of character variety is disappointing, as are the moments in the story mode when Twisted Metal deviates from its strengths. Classic deathmatches are always fun, and a couple of the boss fights are great. However, things go awry when the game introduces checkpoint races and non-traditional boss battles. One race is completely unwinnable if you fall off any one of numerous skyscrapers, and two poorly designed multi-stage bosses really tested my patience.(Game Informer)

Much focus was put into the game's soundtrack, as composer Michael Wandmacher did his best to offer gamers thrilling death music.

Composer Michael Wandmacher created individual themes for each character faction for Twisted Metal. Wandmacher stated, "The primary role of the music is to give each character their own sound to portray their individual struggle." Wandmacher created Sweet Tooth the Clown's theme and his ice cream truck's theme using large amounts of dissonance combined with dark industrial sounds. Mr. Grimm, a modern day Josey Wales, has a biker rock theme with sad undertones imitating his need for redemption. Dollface has a distorted lullaby theme as if written by demons from hell mirroring her struggle with her physical imperfections. "For Calypso, the mastermind behind the tournament, I created an epic theme. I used Gothic tones created by pipe organs, guitar, and strings," Wandmacher stated.(Dread Central)

Critics appear to be underwhelmed by the game, saying it feels like a release better fit for an older generation of console. While long time fans of the TM series may find fun in fighting old foes, this release is unlikely to win over younger gamers.

Twisted Metal is a hard sell for those in search of a well-rounded driving game. The game play and physics feel almost as if they were ripped from the original PSOne game, and the genre has come a long way since then. While the single-player game is weak, the multiplayer is mostly fun and creative. It's disappointing that after such a long wait, the game didn't evolve more, but fans of the original are certain to enjoy this blast from the past.(G4TV)
The constant struggle of trying to take out enemies and keep your own rig in check is as entertaining today as it was when it was first introduced back in the mid '90s. I just wish there wasn't so much muck to wade through before I got to Twisted Metal's gooey, rocket-blasted center. Should you decide to pick up Twisted Metal, do yourself a favor. Once the chore of the single-player story has been completed and you've unlocked a few things, head online and play with some human beings. You won't regret it.(Joystiq)

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