News: The Clipse's Pusha T Dreams Up Def Jam LP, "We'll Still Talk About A Little Coke"

Friday, Feb 24, 2012 8:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer The-Dream recently talked about his contribution toward G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha T's upcoming new solo album and promised fans could still expect to hear the occasional drug-dealing tales.

Providing fans with an update on Pusha's unnamed LP, Dream expressed his admiration for The Clipse rapper.

"We found a little magic. We did, like eight, nine records together. It sounds really, really great. I've always loved him and loved the Clipse. Always been a big fan, so when the opportunity came, we did this one record called "Automatic" and it just took off from that," Dream said in an interview. "Yeah, Kanye will listen to it in the upcoming days and we're going to try to decide what we need and what's missing, which is probably like two or three records--which we probably already have. It's at the end of that. ... Yeah, we'll still talk about a little coke, though. We're going to chop up a few grams. [Laughs.] But yeah it should be a great album." (Complex)

In May, Pusha responded to critics slamming his content for its frequent drug talk.

"They can say [I make 'coke rap'] about me but the same individuals will contradict themselves and will tell you how much they were in love with Rick Ross or [Young] Jeezy, or loved Jay-Z circa '96 to 'Hard Knock Life.' Or tell you 'Allure' is their favorite record but hate coke rap," Pusha explained in an interview. "Like I said in the 'Cook It Down' verse, 'I pray that you ignore me/if you can't feel the joy of a hustler and his glory.' I don't want you to listen. This might not be for you. That's fine. I write this from a certain place, from certain experiences, for certain people." (The BVX)

Last December, Pusha revealed plans to also drop another Clipse album in the future.

Last night at a show hosted by the good folks at Rap Radar, G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha T entered to "What Dreams Are Made Of" setting off a blast of energy in NYC's Gramercy Theater. Push A Ton kicked most of his recent work--a notable exception is the "Sweet Freestyle," which is thought to be a Drake diss--as well as a few older records. Rocking out to a packed house, Pusha decided to make some announcements towards the end of his set. "2012 G.O.O.D. Music Album...2012 Pusha T Solo Album...2012 New Re-Up Gang Music...2012-2013 New Clipse Album, yeauck," Push told the packed audience. (Hip Hop Wired)

The rapper previously hit up SOHH and explained the difference between his solo G.O.O.D. Music work and joint Clipse tracks.

"The way I want to put out my solo album, those ideas are definitely taking form right now," Pusha told SOHH. "It's just that I want the world to understand that in The Clipse, well, I look at it like this. A lot of people understand the dichotomy with Pusha being more brash, the more wordplay-type one. And then you have my brother, Malice, being the more introspective and more conscious-driven. And it's not that I don't think like that, it's just the fact that we play roles in our group. And we're d*mn good at that. And I'm d*mn good at this. And it's not that I don't have those views, I think I just want the world to get a full 360-degree perspective of myself, my opinions and my mind." (SOHH)

Check out a recent Pusha T interview below:

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