News: "That Guy Is An Animal; He's An Animal W/ It. Lyrically, He's Crazy"

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012 11:53AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning producer Pharrell Williams recently talked about his studio grind alongside Rick Ross and just how seasoned the rap star is.

Crediting his lyrical prowess as a strength, Pharrell said Ricky Rozay stands in a class all by himself.

"That guy is an animal; he's an animal with it. Lyrically, he's crazy, and he's just got a very distinct style, it's his own," P campaigned. "There were a lot of comparisons made at the beginning of his career, but along with the test of time, he's proven that he's his own person and he has his own paintbrush and his own colors. ... He and I have something special too. We have a special record too, but we're still working -- I'm happy to be a part of it." (MTV)

Last year, Williams said Ross was on top of hip-hop.

Pharrell names Rick Ross as one of hip-hop's current MVPs. "The way Ross is killing it right now. It's been a minute since the last time we had somebody like him to come out and do what he's doing or like a Wayne," Pharrell tells VIBE. "It's just completely authentic. [Ross] knows what he wants to do --knows his sound, has a style, has a definitive position, has a perspective on the game and what he adds to it and how he's gonna change it," he continues. "So music is in a really, really good place now and I'm watching it. I'm in the studio and everything is changing." (VIBE)

Outside of co-signs, Ross recently made headlines after getting laced with a $100,00o birthday present from hip-hop producer Dr. Dre.

Rick Ross usually flaunts more bling than you're bound to find in your local Zales, wearing a price-tag most days that could support the governments of a majority of 3rd World countries, so I've got to ask: why the hell would you give him more jewelry? Why do I ask? Well, as you've seen in the headline and will see in the video below, Dr. Dre felt it necessary to gift Ross a $100,000 Hubolt watch for his birthday this past weekend in Miami. Yeah, it's all showcased in a video for the home movie collection. I'm assuming the guy who wanted to give an Amazon gift card was probably sulking in the bathroom while all of this was going down. (Prefix Mag)

A few weeks ago, Ross and Dre were spotted hanging out together.

Rick Ross showed his idol Dr. Dre a good time during his trip to Miami this week. The West Coast vet flew into town to hit the studio with the Maybach Music boss, but also made time to celebrate. "Got Dr. Dre in Miami all Bday party @ Club Amnesia Hosted by @iamdiddy Sunday will be like never before," tweeted Rozay, who earlier received a call from Dre. DJ Khaled hinted at what's to come. "I told yall the game was going change well hre's a gift," he wrote. "stay tuned!" (Rap-Up)

Check out some recent Rick Ross footage below:

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