5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Stunt Gear: "I Even Have Women Who Buy & Wear Them Under Skirts"

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012 1:25PM

Written by SOHH for William A. Curtis

[With winter sports in full effect from the NBA to college basketball, Stunt Gear founder William A. Curtis gives you his Top 5 reasons for men and women alike to give his sports brand a shot.]

1. Sports Center

The first reason is because they're sports oriented and traditional. They hold you together and you have support. You're not going to be bouncing around all over the place or anything like that. They keep you where you're supposed to be. The average guy can wear them. Girls can wear them. Anybody can wear these. Most times sports people go for jock straps or something along those lines which some people find an OK thing, but these you can wear like a regular pair of underwear and you're going to get the same support you'd get from a jock strap. You're not going to be running and bouncing all over the place.

2. Comfy & You Know It

The second reason is because they're really comfortable. The quality is impeccable. They have a two-inch waist band [which] helps if you have a little bit of extra weight. They're not going to be digging in your sides or anything like that. They're really stylish, look good and I even have women who buy them and wear them under skirts. Some buy them to wear under a skirt because they won't leave any [panty] lines.

3. Teach You How To Stunt

The third reason is because so many people still bag their pants and [you'll] see the Stunt Gear name on [the waist band]. I design all of these. I went with the two-inch waist band which is a lot thicker than normal waist bands. I did this back in 2007 and this was before Calvin Klein and a lot of other people were doing the thicker waist bands. By 2008, everybody had it. I don't want to say I was the trend setter, because nobody knew of me, but it was a very cutting-edge thing that was coming up. You're seeing it a lot more now. Another thing is the quality. All of my products are 100 percent comb cotton which is probably the best quality you can get for softness and durability. The bottom line is I'm paying a bit more to make them, but you're getting a better product.

4. Ladies Love Stunters

Women love to wear these Stunt Gear underwear. I know so many women that have done this. A lot of them will take their boyfriend's underwear because even though they like theirs and it may look good, it doesn't feel good. If you're hanging around the house, that's why they tend to go for their man's underwear. [There's no fly on these] so women feel like it's not going to open up and they can lounge around in them. I know people who have bought them to wear under their skirts, especially because if the skirt is [short] they don't want to be showing anything. I've even had a young girl get them because she's a dancer and when she's practicing, she wears them for dance class.

5. Cap City

Another reason is because we have a really good line of hats. They're very good quality, adjustable and you can see the Stunt Gear logo on the front. The strap in the back is cloth, not that cheap plastic. On the inside, it's got a little bit of an extra padding so if you sweat, it's not going to be dripping down your face. The hats are really cool.

You Decide. Will you purchase Stunt Gear?

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