5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Sonos: "Some Days You Need To Listen To The New Yo Gotti, Warren G, Or Kanye West. Now You Can Blast 'Em Anywhere"

Friday, Feb 17, 2012 12:49PM

Written by Sonos Team

[With President's Day weekend set for non-stop relaxing and partying, the Sonos team gives you their top five reasons to get your hands on their wireless home music systems and hi fi music players.]

1. Stream All The Music On Earth

Some days you need to listen to the new Yo Gotti. Other days it is Warren G. And sometimes it's Kanye West or Grandmaster Flash. No matter the mood or the crowd in your house, you can blast 'em anywhere, whatever tune you need throughout your house.

2. Fill Any Room W/ Music -- Without Wires

If you have a power outlet, you have music in that room. Load up your crib with Sonos players and you can make your house roll the way you want it to. Want multiple rooms playing the same thing simultaneously? Boom, you got it. How about different tunes playing in various rooms at the same time? Done. The point of Sonos: Hook 'em up the way you want and fire-up the party however it needs to be amped.

3. When The Phone Rings, The Party Doesn't Stop

With iPhone docked speakers the music and the party stops whenever you receive a call or text. Plus, if the phone's owner takes their phone and leaves the party, good-bye music. Use your phone to text. Unleash the music with Sonos speakers.

4. Powerful, Room-Filling Sound

The Sonos PLAY:5 and PLAY:3 is the freshest way to enjoy HiFi sound. Crank one of these players up to enjoy awesome-sounding music throughout the room, or stereo pair two players for expansive, dual-channel audio. No crappy distortion. No muffled notes. No tinny sound. Just room-filling, wall-shaking sound.

5. Control YOUR Way

Controlling the Sonos music system is super simple and almost everyone is walking around with a controller in their pockets. The free apps for iPhone, Android phone, iPad and Android tablet mean anyone can be the DJ. Have your friends fill the queue with their best beats, or easily flip through the endless array of Internet radio stations and massive music service catalogs to create the perfect listening experience in your house. For more information visit www.sonos.com

You Decide. Will you purchase Sonos?

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