News: Rick Ross Addresses Maybach Whips Getting Discontinued, "It Makes The Brand Even More Exclusive Now"

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 11:02PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Def Jam rap star Rick Ross recently opened up on Mercedes-Benz deciding to put an axe to its luxury Maybach vehicle line and how he is looking at the positive side of its discontinuation.

Ricky Rozay said his Maybach Music Group would not suffer but rather strive in light of Mercedes' line coming to an end.

"I think, just that level of luxury is just inspiration for people who started, like myself, who just looked and fantasized," Ross said in an interview. "I look at it as it makes the brand even more exclusive now. I think the cars are going to become even more expensive now, so everybody who has one, hold on to it for a little while. ... When we say Maybach Music, it's not about the car, it's just about the level of quality and the time that we put into the sound and that was just a way to express it where people could really understand it," he said. "We done got a lot of love, so shout out to everybody that support double M-G." (MTV)

Last November, reports hit the Internet announcing Maybach's discontinuation within two years.

Mercedes-Benz's ultra-luxury Maybach brand will be no more starting in 2013, according to the Detroit News. While having a century's worth of history, the Maybach marquee was revived in the U.S. market in 2003 to compete against Rolls-Royce and Bentley. During that time, the brand essentially sold only one model in two lengths: the Type 57 and Type 62. Amenities included a fully reclining rear seat, electrotransparent sunroof, rear refrigerator and standard champagne flutes. (Kicking Tires)

Maybach has been embraced by rappers like Rozay and even Jay-Z who destroyed a model in last year's "Otis" music video.

For those who have seen the latest Kanye West and Jay-Z "Otis" video, much of the talk surrounded their Maybach, which went through a drastic transformation during the video. The Throne has decided to pay it forward and donated the customized car for auction, with proceeds going towards the East African Drought Disaster. Sounds like a generous gesture from two of rap's elite. Salute the throne. (Complex)

Speaking of Maybach, the woman responsible for Rozay's "Maybach Music" signature saying recently revealed herself to be model Jessica Gomes.

"Right, Jay-Z and Rick Ross. It was at the beginning of the ['Maybach Music'] track. It was another girl talking and then she says, 'What is this?' and I say 'It's Maybach music' and then we both say 'I like this Maybach music.' And we both go 'Sweet,'" she explained in an interview. "We were just hanging out with friends in the studio and then it just happened. We got behind the mic, started talking and that was it, really. They decided to put it in their song and nothing came about. But now everyone's using my part where I say "Maybach Music." Even A-Trak, who's a friend of mine, the DJ, asked 'Have you heard this song?' And I said 'No.'" (Global Grind)

Check out some recent Rick Ross footage below:

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