5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: RareInk's 2Pac & B.I.G. Art: "These Pieces Are Officially Licensed & Approved By Their Estate"

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 12:05PM

Written by SOHH for David Sanders

[With hip-hop's growing appreciation for the finer things in life, RareInk co-founder David Sanders supplies 5 reasons you should consider copping some limited edition 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. artwork.]

1. Charity Starts Here

One of the reasons why you should consider buying these paintings is because of what RareInk stands for. When we created the company, we started out wanting to have this autographed artwork for fans and we wanted to focus a part of the company on giving back. The first reason why you should consider buying is because a portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to charitable causes. In this case, with Biggie and 2Pac, a portion of the purchases goes to their foundations. It's something we feel strongly about. If you go to our site, you can see the logos and information about each charity. With each piece we do, there's a designated charity attached to it.

2. Haute Living

The second reason is because when we looked out there for what's available for music fans, in general, we wanted to make sure to create really cool art but make sure it's on a fine art level. We're making it accessible to fans. It's really high, fine art quality and it's still very affordable for fans. A lot of the canvases start off at $100 a piece and go up with the larger canvases. You're getting a pretty good value with the fine art pieces, really good quality and you can see the security label on the back of the artwork. It can't be counterfeited.

3. Tupac Back

The third reason is because when we looked at 2Pac and Biggie art, some of the stuff that's out there, you're seeing a lot of stuff by fans that are artists. There's some cool stuff out there but people need to understand these pieces are officially licensed and approved by their estates. So we're partnering directly with their estates. It's on a whole 'nother level. It's not just artists saying, "Here's my Biggie piece. Here's my 2Pac piece." It's something we're really involved in, had the artwork approved for both of them.

4. Check Yourself

The fourth reason would be the art itself. We spent a lot of time looking at different artists who we felt would be great with their style. The first release is with Tes One. He's gaining a lot of momentum right now. He's a big artist out of Florida and we featured him in our Ice Cube series. He came back with the Biggie and 2Pac series. His concept behind the art is really based on the marketing of them at the time and sort of the East Coast and West Coast rivalry. The marketing almost seemed to contribute to their untimely death. It's like a combination of a target, vinyl and then a turntable. When we first saw it, we didn't know if it would be right with the target on there, but as we talked to Tes One, he explained the concept and we got more comfortable with it. Then the David Flores pieces are really great too. He's getting bigger and bigger out here in Los Angeles. Flores is a pretty big artist in the sense he has a really well known style in his art and the portraits he does. He's worked with everybody from designer toy companies like Kid Robot to Disney. He's done a lot of different art projects.

5. Ballin'

The final reason is because of what we're offering. If you're the ultimate baller or art collector, we are selling the original paintings on the site. So the Tes One originals, he did those as 36x48 pieces on wood and we're actually selling those for $5,000 a piece. There's something for everybody. If you're the ultimate art collector and ultimate fan looking for a perfect piece for your home, we are selling the originals of both Tes One and Flores' pieces. Flores' pieces are smaller, on canvases, and they're going for $3,000. I just want to put it out there because fans might find it interesting and it also shows that the pieces are for art collectors.

You Decide. Will you purchase these RareInk exclusive pieces?

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