The Score: "The Best Features Are J. Cole On 'Let It Show' And Nas"

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 12:05PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Careless World: Rise Of The Last
  • Tyga
  • February 21, 2012 7/10
This Beat Goes 2.5/5
Hip Hop For Breakfast 2/5
Hip Hop Mula 3/5
Music Justice 4.5/5

Young Money has finally given West Coast spitter Tyga the green light on his album, Careless World, as the oft-delayed disc lands in stores today.

Careless World his second studio album, has proven to be a labor of love for Tyga, who is riding high on the success of the album's single, "Rack City."

Tyga's first official album on YMCMB has slowly built up a buzz over the last few months with his constant features and his hit "Rack City". So it was no surprise to see his album get leaked last week. The leak was somewhat surprising as the album sounds pretty solid. The term "hard work pays off" should definitely become his motto because he worked very hard over the years and it has paid off with this album.(The Safe House)

Outside of his label mates, the Tyga exchanges bars with a slew of notable acts, including Nas, J. Cole and Wale.

The best features are J. Cole on "Let it Show" which is a hot a** record and Nas and Wale on "Kings and Queen" where the two steal the show. "Stupid Hoe" Nicki Minaj gives you here typical slut bars and Wayne still riding off his fame giving half ass bars still, which people just now realizing the two aren't as great as they believed. Cons on the album is for every hot track is two wack ones. Too long as well, if your not a lyrical genius, having that many tracks with no standout rhymes makes half of this album irrelevant and it is. Also his with 15 plus tracks, you can get redundant with your rhymes and Tyga is more than redundant on this album. The production is a toss up, some are great and some sound like some Kanye knock-offs and beats made for Drake that he turn down and Tyga picked up. It's diverse so I'll give him credit for that and not all of them are just some bass driven tracks or for the club.(Hip Hop for Breakfast)

The production ranges wildly, going from epic-sounding club anthems to offering that are a little less colossal.

Production wise, this one's all over the place, and exactly what you'd expect from a pop-inspired Young Money project. Its gimmicky and genre-bending. I'll hand it to whoever engineered this one and did the mixing though, it's impeccably done and as pro as it comes. However, the beat selection goes from wanna-be EDM to straight pop. There's very little traditional hip-hop here, from a musical standpoint, which is probably most responsible for making this one feel nothing like a true hip-hop project. Objectively speaking, I could totally understand how some fans could really get down with it though.(This Beat Goes)

The rapper's album has picked up momentum courtesy of its popular "Rack City" single.

"I think that the timing is right," Tyga tells The BoomBox. "Having the No. 1 rap song out right now, I know my fans have been waiting for it and I'm ready to put it out." To kick off its release, Tyga will head out on his Careless World Tour on the same day that the album drops. Although he's been keeping a lot of the details around the album secret -- he only fell victim to one leak by way of the song 'King of Queens' featuring Wale and Nas -- he's confident that fans will connect with the project. "I'm excited just to get it out and get it to fans," he continues. "I still give people a little party music, but I feel like when you make albums different from mixtapes, [the] album needs to be more of a theme." (The Boom Box)

Critics agree that while this album may not appeal to fans of lyrical hip hop, Tyga may hit his mark as Careless World is likely to be appreciated by those who prefer style over substance.

Overall this album is everything i wanted yet really surprised me at the same time. Especially the production is on another level. What bothers me is the amount of features because Tyga showed a lot of himself throughout this album and he should have had a couple more songs of his own. Though i hope this will be another success for Tyga and it won't under perform. Please support Tyga by buying his album on itunes or in stores because bootlegging would just prove Tyga's point of this world being careless. Thank you.(Music Justice)
If you're a "real hip-hop fan" you're not going to like this album, at all. But if you don't want something where you have to really sink your teeth into it and try to decipher complicated lyrics, this one's for you.(Airmax Music)
Purchase Careless World here.

Check out some music from the album below:

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