SOHH Whatcha Think: A$AP Rocky Speaks On Homophobia & Kobe Tries To Win Vanessa Back?!?

Monday, Feb 20, 2012 2:18PM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka President Evil

Happy President's Day, Barack Obama. Many presidents have had their story told on film, and hopefully, you too will one day be honored by having your saga hit the big screen.

Just in time for President's Day is the trailer for the film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. No. Seriously.

That ain't ordinary. Word on the street is that Kobe Bryant wants that old thang back. That's right, homie is looking to win Vanessa back and has reportedly went as far as to promise he'll never cheat again.

Kobe Bryant may have to work very hard to win Vanessa Bryant back as she is reportedly looking for a home in New York City although she was recently spotted locking lips with Kobe. Although the two seemed cozy recently, Vanessa reportedly feels disliked by Lakers fans and the other players' wives, and now feels moving away might be the answer, states TMZ. However, Kobe apparently isn't going to let her go without a fight. Kobe has reportedly been working hard for the last few weeks to get her to give their marriage another chance, states TMZ. Kobe is even promising to never cheat again if she gives him one more chance.(

Think he'll get another chance?

In other news, A$AP Rocky recently shared his thoughts on homosexuality. The Harlem rappersaid he's cool with alternative lifestyles as long as no one's coming at him funny style.

The rapper said that sexual preference doesn't factor in when he decides who he wants to be friends with, and added that he doesn't have an opinion about people who have a sexual orientation that is different from his own. "I don't give a fuck about your business. Man, if you're gay we can be friends. If you're straight, we can be friends. I'm not gay, I don't plan on being gay, I don't condone it and I'm not sayin' I'm against it. I really don't give a fuck and I don't think anyone should care about what another man's preference is... unless he's interested, if you know what I'm sayin'," A$AP told AOL's Spinner.(

Interesting timing, considering rapper Game's recent Twitter face-off with blogger Perez Hilton, who advised the West Coast spitter to "stop getting your panties in a bunch" Last year, Game spoke on gay rappers and homophobia in hip hop.

"I think there are several rappers that are in the closet and gay, and see those are the type of gay people that -- the only type of gay people that I have a problem with," Game said in an interview. "I don't have a problem with gay people. Like, Beyonce should've said, 'Who run the world? Gays,' because they're everywhere and rightfully so. Do you. It's a free country. Be gay, you can do that. Game don't have a problem with gay people....Game has a problem with people that are pretending not to be gay and are gay because the number one issue with that is that you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die and so that in the closet sh*t is real scary. So, we've got to get into the real seriousness of it and it's just not fair to other people -- If you gay, just say you gay. Be gay and be proud." (Hot 107.9)

SOHH Watcha Think: Rap has always been a hyper-masculine genre of music, but will there ever come a time when Hip Hop will accept an openly gay MC?

Before you roll out, peep the new video by Wale featuring Big Sean titled "Slight Work" directed by Chris Brown.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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