SOHH Whatcha Think: Nate Dogg's Caretakers Sue + Is This America's Next Top Booty?! [View Pics & Speak]

Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 8:30AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka RIP Nate Dogg

Can't believe it'll be next month will make a year since we lost music legend. Nate Dogg was the king of the gangsta hooks, definitely gone too soon.

Now the caretakers that aided Nate Dogg following his 2nd stroke say they are owed nearly 300K in unpaid fees.

The people who treated Nate Dogg in the final years of his life claim they were never paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care ... and now a judge is finally forcing Nate's estate to throw 'em a bone. After Nate suffered his 2nd stroke in 2008, he moved in to a CareMeridian treatment facility in Orange County ... a place dedicated to rehabbing and caring for patients who suffer from catastrophic injuries. In legal papers obtained by TMZ, CareMeridian claimed the singer received more than $290,000 in medical treatment from 2008 until 2010 ... and one of Nate's managers, David Michery, personally guaranteed the facility would get paid. (TMZ)

Hopefully it all gets sorted out, hate to see financial turmoil continue especially after a person has left the earth.

In other news ... yo, it's a good time to be an a** man. Real or fake, booty season is just around the corner and kicking things off a bit early is the latest web sensation Tiger Booty. Now, as far as I can tell, this White Queen doesn't want money or even jewelry. She wants Twitter followers. Not sure if that is a step forward or backward, but hey -- I'll make it rain tweets if you keep the pictures coming, ma.


Butterfly -- uh uh, that's old. Let me see that Tiger Roll.


Yep. Shorty went and tatted an entire tiger's face on her a**. Judging from the color and pattern, I'd say this tiger originated somewhere in South China.


Actually, she kinda looks like that chick that was married to Jason Pitts on The Game. Only difference that other chick ain't to followback girl. This one is.

SOHH WATCHA THINK: Tiger Booty Tatt: Sexy or Not?

Oh yeah, here's the long overdue video for "N*ggas in Paris," remember that song? Enjoy.

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