SOHH Whatcha Think: Eminem Slapped With $9M Lawsuit + Baby Number 7 for T.I. & Tiny?!?

Thursday, Feb 2, 2012 8:25AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka 4 Chainz

In today's Black History Moment, let's induct T.I. into the Black Hall of Fame. Not since The Cosby Show's Cliff Huxtable has a black man had so many kids and stuck around to raise 'em. T.I., today we honor you with a 21 gun salute.


I know what you're thinking T.I. and the answer is no, we're not selling them.

Jokes aside, it's pretty cool to see T.I. and Tiny holding strong. It's amazing. More amazing than jail to Ja Rule. Their blended fam has been together for some time, and although I don't watch their reality show (or any, for that matter) I imagine it's full of strong ghetto love and images of T.I. ridin' around and gettin' it.

Recently, the pair were on 106 & Park, paying homage to Don Cornelius, discussing their show and addressing rumors of another baby on the way.

On last night's episode of BET's "106 & Park," T.I. & wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle made an appearance. They dished on how Soul Train and the late Don Cornelius affected their lives (Tiny said she performed with Xscape on the show and was the first time she learned people lip synch). And of course, Rocsi asked if Tiny had a bun in the oven.(The YBF)

T.I. told the audience to tune into their reality show if they wanted to know more about the baby.

Mrs. Harris, who isn't sporting a baby bump just yet, responded, "Now y'all know I can't give it away." And her hubby chimed in that the network said y'all have to watch their VH1 show, "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle." On previews for an upcoming episode, Tiny is told by her doctor in the office that she's pregnant. And she is seen telling T.I. that she's expecting as well. But who knows how it'll all pan out. Tiny & TIP have 2 sons--King & Major--together. Tiny has teen daughter Zonnique from a previous relationship. And T.I. has 2 sons (Messiah & Domani) from a previous relationship, as well as a daughter, Deyjha, from another relationship. If the couple is expecting, this will be Tiny's 4th child she's given birth to, and the couple's 3rd child together. But it will be their 7th as a blended family. Good luck with that....(The YBF)

In other news ... d*mn. Slim Shady can't catch a break. In the latest "Lemme get some money" news, a man who lists his address as "homeless" (seriously) is suing Eminem, claiming he put the idea in Shady's head to do the Chrysler "Born of Fire" commercial.

Stephen Lee Pieck, of Ossining in Westchester New York, filed the lawsuit on January 12, in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York. Pieck, who listed his address as "homeless" in the lawsuit, claims that he was in a Legal Seafood restaurant in White Plains New York, on September 9, 2010. The lawsuit claims he was in the restaurant with Jordon Bratman and Christina Aguilera, when the pop singer called Eminem. The lawsuit claims that Christina Aguilera handed Pieck the phone and that he then gave Eminem the idea for the "Born of Fire" commercial. (All Hip Hop)

In the handwritten lawsuit, dude is asking for $9 million dollars. But I'm pretty sure his crazy a** would be willing to settle for a Four Loko and a ride to the Greyhound Station. SOHH Watcha Think about Em's latest lawsuit?

Usually, I try to hit y'all with a new rap video or freestyle before I peace out. But this is some different sh*t I gotta share: New York City has some of the most talented homeless people in the world. They're almost like X-Men: Each with their own special gifts and abilities. Case in point, check out the dude below kill this Adele track, homie could have possibly had one hell of a music career. Peace.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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