News: Pill Reflects On Maybach Music Group Departure, "It Was Like These Three Guys & Then Pill"

Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 1:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Maybach Music Group affiliate Pill has stepped forward to speak on parting ways with Rick Ross' crew and explained why he felt isolated in the roster of artists.

Rather than place blame on Ricky Rozay, Pill detailed how isolated he felt while with MMG.

"Nah, he never tried to get me to do anything different. He believed in me, from what I felt and what was told to me," Pill said referring to Ross. "But it just never really materialized. Like he said in [his interview with MTV], it was a special stipulation to where I got to run with them 'cause I was already over at Warner. And I appreciate the love from Maybach [Music Group] and from Ross and everybody over there for giving me that opportunity because it got me in a different spot. It kinda saved me. It's just that it never really went further to where it was supposed to go. All of us [in MMG] was supposed to be at that forefront, but it was like these three guys and then Pill. It was like, "D*mn, so what's up with Pill? Why his sh*t ain't on this radio station? Why his sh*t ain't on MTV?" But everybody else's was. So it was almost like I was just that other guy." (Hip Hop DX)

Last week, Ross said despite their public break-up, he still had the upmost respect for Pill.

"I'm a real dude and I'm a real boss and once you rep the MMG flag, I'll never step on your feet; I'mma give you a pass anyway," Ross said in an interview. "Pill's situation was a special situation because he was already signed to Warner before I did my label deal at Warner. So when I did do my deal, it was a business opportunity that was presented where Pill could run with the team for a year -- I took that opportunity. That year ran its course and it was pretty much up to Warner what decisions they wanted to make with Pill as an artist after that point. I think they made it." (MTV)

In early January, MMG's Masspike Miles refused to address Pill's label status.

"When it comes to sh*t like that, I don't even comment on it," Masspike Miles told hip-hop personality Futuristic Blogger when asked for his opinion on Pill disassociating himself from Maybach Music Group. "I'm gonna keep it funky. Like I said, it's about my loyalty, brotherhood and being positive. Any of that f*ck sh*t, I don't talk about it. If he blogging, more power to him, I wish him the best in the future. It's Maybach Music over here." (Hip Hop News 24/7)

A few days prior, Pill denied ever inking a deal with Maybach Music Group.

"I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already," Pill revealed to MTV News Tuesday. According to the "Trap Goin' Ham" MC, he was signed to Asylum/Warner Bros. Records at the end of 2009, a year before Ross brought his MMG label over to Warner Music Group. Pill says he is unaware of any conversations that Warner and Ross ever had concerning his career, but started receiving calls from Rozay around this time last year. The calls turned into collaborations -- many of which ended up on Self Made Vol. 1, Ross' MMG label compilation album. It was alluded that Pill was officially a part of Rozay's roster, along with Wale, Meek Mill and a host of other artists, but that wasn't the case, the rapper says. (MTV)

Check out some past Pill footage below:

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