SOHH Whatcha Think: PICS: Ne-Yo Drops 5 Racks On Juicy Stripper Booty + M.I.A. Ditches Baby Daddy?!

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 8:16AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka FluShot Shakur

Do strippers get an Earned Income Credit (EIC) during tax season? If not, no worries: Just catch Ne-Yo on a good night and you'll rack up enough bills to buy a pair of heels.

Ne-Yo believes in supporting our black queens and for that, I salute him. "Ms. Independent" is not just one of his best known hits, it's also the new name of the dancer he so generously showered with crisp Washingtons. Kidding. According to reports the R&B crooner dropped several racks during his recent night out on the town.


You a star: You slide down that pole and you know who you are, right? Cool.

Ne-Yo has been spotted dropping $5000 on strippers in an Atlanta club, just days after rumours emerged that he has been cheating on his girlfriend. Reports emerged last week that the Beautiful Monster singer had been playing away from Monyetta Shaw with a stripper while she was pregnant with their second child. While he is yet to address the rumours, it seems he does have a like for strip joints as he was spotted attending Magic City on Saturday night.(Tale Tela)


Obviously, Ne-Yo's check from Red Tails finally cleared. I salute your reckless spending of George Lucas' luchini, son. But next time, invest in Foamposites, son. See more pics here.

The only issue are the stories now swirling that he's cheating on his significant other. SOHH Watcha Think -- Is it no longer cool for a fella in a relationship to have a 'lil fun at the strip club?

In other news ... Looks like we finally know who M.I.A. was flipping off during her cheerleading session Super Bowl performance this past weekend. According to reports, the femcee is leaving her child's father. Cold World.

M.I.A. has reportedly split from her fiancé, fueling rumours that the obscene gesture she made at Sunday's Super Bowl (5th February) could have been aimed at her former lover. Madonna was said to be 'livid' with the Paper Planes rapper for flipping the bird in front of millions at the prestigious sporting event, with a source telling The Sun: "Madonna wasn't impressed. She prides herself on professionalism.(MTV UK)

Well, they were together for five years. Five years in a celebrity marriage is like 10 in a real marriage, so congrats on a great run. Ayo M.I.A.: if you need a place to stay ma, I can downgrade ya. Real rap.

Speaking of M.I.A., here she is with "Bad Girls," which, all bullsh*t aside, is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a very long time.

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