5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "One Day It'll All Make Sense": "Hear About His Encounters W/ Everyone From Biggie To Kanye"

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 12:00AM

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[With Common's long-awaited One Day It'll All Make Sense book still selling off shelves, the autobiography's promo team Fanscape give you five reasons to check it out.]

1. New York State Of "Times"

Common is now officially a New York Times best-selling author! Not only did fans turn out in droves to get the book but critics have been raving about it as well. And the critics aren't the only ones who have taken notice of this book. The legendary Maya Angelou even said, "Common has written a magnificent memoir... His saga reminds the reader that love liberates and poverty cripples. Common writes beautifully, like the poet his is." If her endorsement doesn't catch your attention, I don't know what will.

2. Get Familiar

In case you've been living under a rock and don't know much about Common, here's a quick overview of some of his music related professional accomplishments. Common is a Grammy award-winning rapper who has come out with nine albums, ranging from his first, Can I Borrow a Dollar? back in 1992 all the way to his most recent release, The Dreamer/The Believer which just came out in 2011. One of the greatest assets of this memoir is that the reader is able to get a much better understanding of where his music truly comes from and how different experiences in his life have created the man we know today.

3. It's Honest

This is a memoir, not a story trying to make Common look tough just because he's from the Southside of Chicago. He touches on many aspects of his life, including what it was like growing up in the city with his father across the country, just to name one. After reading the memoir, the great Quincy Jones put it best when he said, "Common is a 360-degree human being, and I don't say that about many people. He never needed to "pimp the hood" to achieve his deserved success. He is an eloquent and honorable role model and his memoir is a perfect example of his depth as a human being."

4. You've Gotta Give To Get

While making multiple hit albums and writing a best-selling book, Common continues to make sure he gives back to the community. At the moment Common is wrapping up his AT&T 28 Days Speaker Series which is focused around raising awareness for Black History Month. The last stop of the series is in Detroit (2/29) and will not only feature Common, but also best-selling author, scholar and cultural critic, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. To find out more about AT&T's 28 Days Speaker Series check out this link: http://www.att.com/Common/thebridge/28days.html. Also keep an eye out on Twitter for the hashtag #att28days.

5. Attention To Detail

Did you know that Common almost quit rapping after his first album, Can I Borrow a Dollar?, sold only two thousand copies? Or do you want to hear about his encounters with everyone from Biggie to Kanye? Or what it was like being the son of a Chicago playground basketball legend? If you're looking to get a much deeper look at Common, this is the book to take a look at.

You Decide. Will you purchase Common's One Day It'll All Make Sense?

To purchase the new book, just click here.

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