News: Uncle Murda Affiliate Tweeted About Killings, Charged W/ 3 Murders

Monday, Feb 13, 2012 6:00PM

Written by Biz Jones

A Brooklyn rapper, most known for his affiliation with rappers like Uncle Murda, has reportedly felt the wrath of his own doing by getting slapped with three murder charges after tweeting about beating the judicial system.

According to reports, Ronald "Ra Diggs" Herron faces steep consequences for his Twitter remarks in relation to one particular murder.

A wannabe Brooklyn rapper who bragged on Twitter about getting away with murder might have tweeted too soon, authorities say. Federal prosecutors have charged Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron with three brutal slayings -- including one connected to his online boasts. A Brooklyn Federal Court grand jury indicted him on Monday for the murders, which prosecutors say are connected to his drug enterprise in the Gowanus Houses. Herron later boasted on the Internet that he "beat a body" referring to Brooks, authorities said. "His Tweets were premature," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday. NYPD detectives worked with federal authorities on the case. (New York Daily News)

Along with the charges, Diggs has also been described as a threat to society.

Today prosecutors hit him with an expanded indictment that includes several murder, murder conspiracy, and attempted murder charges related to his alleged drug business, and Herron possibly could face the death penalty, if convicted. He was already facing cocaine and heroin-trafficking charges - as well as weapons offenses - that stemmed from his 2010 arrest. The feds say he's carried sub-machine guns, strapped on bulletproof vests, and authorities believe he's responsible for ordering murders and intimidating witnesses that doomed one homicide prosecution in New York state court. (New York Post)

His alleged slayings reportedly date back ten years to a case he eventually won.

Herron was tried for Brooks's murder in 2001 in state Supreme Court, and he beat the rap because prosecutors say two witnesses refused to testify after his associates threatened them. Herron participated in the slayings of Richard Russo in 2008 and Victor Zapata in 2009 at the Gowanus Houses, the indictment says. In addition, Herron is accused of three attempted murders, including a 2008 stabbing at a nightclub in Manhattan. He's charged with 23 counts, including racketeering, murder, murder in-aid-of racketeering, murder conspiracy, attempted murder, robbery, illegal use and possession of firearms, and narcotics trafficking. (Gothamist)

Although the indictment was made this week, Diggs has spent the past two years in jail.

Herron has been behind bars since 2010 when he was one of nine people arrested and charged with running a crack and heroin ring out of the Gowanus Houses in Brooklyn. "Ronald Herron and his gang terrorized a Brooklyn community for more than a decade and he temporarily got away with murder by threatening and intimidating witnesses only to return to the streets of Brooklyn to kill and kill again," Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said. (CBS News)

Ra Diggs was arrested back in October 2010 on drug-related charges.

Waka Flocka associate and Murda Team rapper Ra Diggs was reportedly arrested in New York City on Tuesday (October 5), for his participation in the what police are calling the "Gowanus Drug Trade." Ra Diggs (real name: Ronald Herron) was named -- along with eight others -- in a federal indictment, thanks to incriminating evidence obtained through his YouTube videos (Youtube/VandogEnt) and Twitter posts (@RaDiggs). In one tweet, the rapper wrote having "5000 n****s with them lorcins [handguns] ready to turn the pigs kids into orphins," court docs said. And in videos from his Youtube page, the ex-con is seen wearing body armor and firing guns at a target range. He even also boasts that he ordered a shooting from his hospital bed and "beat a body", a "reference to his 2002 murder acquittal after two witnesses were threatened and refused to testify against him," reported the paper. (Baller Status)

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