5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: No Mas: "The Design Mentality That Goes Into All Of Our Prodcuts Is A Clean & Mean NY Style"

Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 12:00AM

Written by SOHH for Andrew McIver

[With the cold winter weather slowly departing, fashion line No Mas' head of sales Andrew McIver gives you five reasons to dig into your pockets and get your hands on these goodies.]

1. Mean, Clean, Fresh Machine

First off, I would like to say the design mentality that goes into all of our products is a clean and mean New York style. We're really trying to refine our style to make it very clean. We have a lot of different sports-related products and each product comes with a unique baseball style hang-tag card which tells the story of that product and how we came to design it.

2. The Price Is Right

Second of all, with licenses from Muhammad Ali, UFC and Wiffle Ball, our licensed products are impossible to beat. We're getting all of our licensed products officially licensed to make sure they are properly representative. For example, with our Muhammad Ali products, we get inspiration from original graphics that Ali actually trained in. We are continuously working our building collections around our licensed products.

3. Sports Center

I feel another big reason a lot of our customers like to buy No Mas is to pay homage to one of their past favorite athletes whether it be Muhammad Ali or Hurricane Carter. We get a lot of people writing in saying how thankful they are that we've made these shirts because they bring back so many memories. There's a lot of customers who buy them as gifts.

4. Peep The Steez

I think a good reason to buy is also because we're always dropping fresh styles. We're trying to keep our mix of styles very new and very current. Once you buy one item you make a customized account online and from then on you'll get looped in to sales blasts and the latest styles. A lot of our t-shirts drop on opportunities. When you see the New York Mets t-shirt, "New York Mess," it's about what Bernard Madoff had done and turning things into a mess. It was an opportunity for us to parody it. It relates back to No Mas trying to keep things current with what's going on in our lives and the world.

5. Game On!

The last reason is so that you have your favorite game day t-shirt. Whether it's boxing, tennis, baseball, basketball, we have tons of shirts geared toward several sports. If you look on the site, you'll see shirts that are targeted toward that sport.

You Decide. Will you purchase some No Mas gear?

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