News: Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Spit Venom At Critics, "Nicki Pop? Only Thing That's Pop Is My Endorsement Opp" [Audio]

Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 11:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj is out with a vengeance to her critics on a new record called "Roman Reloaded" featuring label boss Lil Wayne.

The record emerged online after premiering on Nicki's New York City hometown radio station Hot 97.

Nicki Minaj is firing both barrels on her new single. "Roman Reloaded," the title track of her April-due sophomore album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded," made its debut on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show on Thursday night. Unlike the RedOne-produced dance-pop candy of "Starships" or the Grammy-premiered exorcism drama of "Roman Holiday," "Roman Reloaded" is a more traditionalist hip-hop offering, featuring hard-hitting production and guest verses from Lil Wayne. The brag-heavy track ranges from the absurd -- "Bite me/Apple sign" -- to the violent, with Minaj dropping a reference to the Columbine High shootings amid the gunshot-style percussion. (The Juice)

On the record, the self-proclaimed Barbie lets it be known she has not turned her career over for a shot in pop music.

"I guess I went commercial, just shot a commercial," Nicki raps, "when I flew to the Center, I ain't fly commercial/And the ad is global, ave is local/Where we shot it, was a lot of different agriculturals/So I laugh at hopefuls/Nicki pop? Only thing that pops is my endorsement opp." ("Roman Reloaded")

A few days ago, an unreleased Minaj freestyle hit the Internet, showcasing a more gritty version of the platinum-selling artist.

Before Nicki Minaj was the queen of hip-hop, she was a tough, baseball cap-wearing spitfire from Queens, N.Y. Evidence of that recently surfaced online in an unearthed video called 'Dirty Money.' The clip was filmed during her grinding years as an underground rapper. Nicki is spitting hot fire over an instrumental to Terror Squad's song 'Yeah Yeah Yeah.' She raps, "Yes, I'm the one, the motherf--ing one / Hold more weight than the late Big Pun." She then shows her lyrical versatility by flipping a few bars a cappella style. "Hood star broad / black Barbie doll / Pardon me, if the cockiness is bothering, y'all," she raps. From watching the video, you can tell that even back then, she was 'hood but still exhibited confidence in her lyrical flow. However, there are some folk who would contend that Minaj has lost some of her hardcore luster and is now a "hip-pop" rapper. (Pop Crush)

Some bloggers and websites were citing the clip as proof Nicki had fallen off from appealing to her hardcore hip-hop audience.

Alright, you scum, you daily trolls that roam about the Internet highway looking to rag on anyone that disses your precious Nicki Minaj, you fervent devotees that refuse to believe that the mental case MTV product sold out: we've got pure video truth here, and you can't argue a word against the fact that she gave up everything she was for fame. Five years prior to her glamorous sell out for fantastical fame and female rapper claims, Nicki actually was rapping, and doing it well as you'll see in the unearthed music video below where she does some acapella work and bars over "Dirty Money." There's no Frankensteinian cosmetic work, no vainglorious garb, and no bullsh*t--it's straight Nicki, looking more like Jean Grae than a plastic cartoon of a failed hair metal frontman, and actually doing something to justify her female emcee claims. Here's the video, the truth that Nicki sold out. Hope you enjoy yourselves. (Ology)

Check out "Roman Reloaded" below:

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