News: Mobb Deep Say Twitter Made Q-Tip Switch His Digits, "He Was Like, 'F*ck! I Gotta Change My Number.'" [Video]

Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 8:46PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Mobb Deep's Prodigy and Havoc recently offered their take on the dangers of using social networking tool Twitter and how tweeting cost music mogul Q-Tip his phone number.

While Prodigy said Twitter users should use caution with their tweets, Hav took it a step further by unveiling a wild Q-Tip story.

"You have to think before you tweet," P said in an interview. "H*ll yeah," Hav added. "You definitely -- if you mean to DM [direct message], make sure you're not tweeting. [laughs] 'Cause you be like, sending some ill provocative message and you think you're DM'ing and you look and you're like, 'Holy sh*t!' [laughs] Q-Tip, he meant to DM me one day and he actually tweeted me but he tweeted his number and -- I had to look at it like, 20 seconds later, 'Yo son, you tweeted your number out.' He was like, 'F*ck! I gotta change my number.' [laughs] Word." (FUSE)

Last fall, West Coast rapper Kreayshawn detailed her Twitter addiction.

"I'm always on Twitter. I'm on Twitter too much," Kreay said in an interview. "I have people who follow me and that are my fans like, 'I'm a huge fan of Kreayshawn but she really needs to stop tweeting so much.' You know what I'm saying? I over tweet sometimes. But you know, you go through things, you over tweet, we get into our mind frame and kind of let the keyboard turn into your head if that happens. I'm good, I'm good. My online presence, I must say I'm very skilled at the electronics and things. Freestyling tweets. That's what I do. Yes. You gotta do it man. Twitter cypher. ... Facebook is like your living room, you invite your friends and your family into your living room, you show them photos and update them with family things and places you're going. Twitter is like a street where all these motherf*ckers are just standing out there screaming at the top of their lungs. [Which do I prefer?] I like the streeeets. [laughs]" (Daily Dot)

A few days ago, rap star 50 Cent discussed his love for the popular social networking tool.

"I think it's great. I think it allows you the ability to make a public statement from your telephone," 50 explained when asked about his love for Twitter. "It allows you to reach your base, the people who have interest in your material or what you're doing, at any time -- I think entertainers are supposed to entertain on it versus provide more of their personal lives insight. But, it's cool. Everybody utilizes it differently." (CNN)

In September, Slaughterhouse's Royce Da 5'9 gave SOHH the scoop on co-signing Twitter.

"I have a lotta fun f*ckin' with people on Twitter. It's a good vehicle to show a part of your personality that might not come across in your music. Being that accessible to fans -- I hate callin' them fans -- but being that accesible to people keeps people from treating you like some kind of science project." (SOHH)

Check out Mobb Deep's interview below:

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