SOHH Whatcha Think: M.I.A. Baby Daddy Loses His Cool + Whoo Kid Gets 'Justin Bieber' Forehead Tattoo?! [Peep Pic & Speak]

Friday, Feb 10, 2012 10:07AM

Written by Jeezis Peace aka Safe House

My n*gga DJ Whoo Kid is one odd dude. If you've been following his YouTube tell-all series, titled "Whoo Kid's Untold Stories," you're well aware that Whoo was indirectly involved in every hip hop event since 1979. Whoo Kid gonna say he was there when Sugar Hill Gang first said, "A hip hop, a hibby ..." Well, it seems like the Kid has another story to tell, as he recently got Bieber all across his forehead [pause].

idris-elba-2012-02-10-300x300 (2).jpg

Nah, Idris Elba, I'm dead serious. Whoo Kid did the unthinkable and the uninkable.


No pedo.

Relax. I'm 99% sure it's temporary. Whoo got the artwork, which mocks the chick that got 'DRAKE' scribed across her domepiece, for an upcoming episode of NY Ink. And if you missed one of his Untold Stories, you can check 'em out on YouTube. Below, he reflects fondly on the time Big Pun put an uzi in his face over a Jay-Z diss record. Oh, memories.

In other news ... M.I.A is getting the kind of attention money can't buy over this whole Super Bowl fiasco. In a country that watches faithfully as women paternity test 5 men to find their child's father, Benjamin Bronfman (NO -- not the guy that ages backwards), you'd think a little something like a middle finger wouldn't cause much ruckus, but I digress. Anyway, apparently not all press is good press, as there have been reports that not only has the singer walked out on her seed, but also bounced on her baby daddy. Well Bronfman stood up for his *enter ethnicity here* queen via twitter, where real n*ggas talk sh*t.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday and Thursday, Bronfman (referring to the rapper by her given name, Maya) threw cold water on those allegations. "All this stuff about Maya being a bad mom is completely out of bounds," he wrote. "She's a really great mom." He also lashed out at the media for being in such a "state [of] unfounded gossipy nonsense when there are real problems in the world ... media needs to rethink it's code of ethics. To consistently tear down a working mother is just beyond me."(MTV)

Much respect to Bronfman for setting the record straight, now pay that fine for your girl's Super Bowl slip up and fall back.

No new music today, just a hilarious new entry into the "Sh*t _____ People Say" series. This one is "Sh*t French Montana says. D*mn. Did my n*gga French dirty.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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