News: Maino Knocks Out Tough Guy Image, "People Thought I Was More About Making Trouble Than Music"

Monday, Feb 27, 2012 9:49AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Maino recently opened up about the public's misconceptions about him and why he is focused on evolving his overall image in the music industry.

Asked what rumors or mis-truths he is most attached to, the "I Still Love You" rapper said his image is still blurry to the masses.

"Yeah, one of the big misconceptions was that people thought I was more about making trouble than making music. But I think slowly but surely I'm starting to change that perception of me," Maino said in an interview. "I just don't think I'm appreciated as much as some other people are. But I understand that I'm not in a camp, I'm not part of an organization, I'm not with other people or some other label--it's just me on my own grindin' and doing whatever I can to stay relevant and put out records." (Village Voice)

Last week, OutKast's Andre 3000 also named his biggest misconception.

"I've never gotten that question. This biggest misconception," Andre said, "that it's easy for me, I guess, is the biggest misconception. People think you kind of ride on this wave, this non-human wave, and I think that's kind of wrong to put that on entertainers. But I think that's a big thing for me. People talk about Andre 3000, they talk about fashion, they talk about film, they talk about music, and it's almost like they put you in this place, but it's work. It's hard work just like anything else." (GQ)

Tough guy or not, Maino recently showed off his softer side in an unaired "Love & Hip Hop" clip.

"You were so-called dating a football player last time, [laughs]," Maino said when Olivia asked him how his relationship with her manager Rich Dollas was going in light of their romance. "Get outta here. Rich ain't got no problem with me, man. Why would Rich have a problem with me and you? [He doesn't want you to be a punchline in my raps?] Ohhhh. Punchline. 'I used to do Olivia.' [laughs] Ah ha. Olivia. Yeah. Word. First of all, I've got too much respect for you to even handle you like that. I wouldn't even do that. So just tell him be easy. Go relax. You've got nothing to worry about. You're in the best hands in America. You like those ball player dudes." ("Love & Hip Hop")

Following the clip's viral release, Maino spoke on his intimate moment with ex-girlfriend Olivia Longott.

"No you didn't. It wasn't me. You didn't see me," Maino told radio co-host Devi when told he was featured on "Love & Hip Hop." "Did you see me? You didn't see me on there. No you didn't. You saw some extra footage that never made it to the [show]. That's all it was. Nah, we was cool. We had a little fun every now and then. [What type of person is she off the camera?] Huh? She cool. She cool. She cool. [laughs]" ("Sway In The Morning")

Check out some recent Maino footage below:

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