News: Maino Breaks Silence On Olivia Romance, "We Was Cool" [Video]

Friday, Feb 17, 2012 9:29AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Maino has finally come forward to address his past fling with "Love & Hip Hop" star Olivia Longott and recent buzz behind a steamy unreleased clip of them together leaking.

While mum on the details, Maino said he did have a brief run with the R&B singer.

"No you didn't. It wasn't me. You didn't see me," Maino told radio co-host Devi when told he was featured on "Love & Hip Hop." "Did you see me? You didn't see me on there. No you didn't. You saw some extra footage that never made it to the [show]. That's all it was. Nah, we was cool. We had a little fun every now and then. [What type of person is she off the camera?] Huh? She cool. She cool. She cool. [laughs]" ("Sway In The Morning")

Last month, the unaired footage of Maino and Olivia emerged online.

"You were so-called dating a football player last time, [laughs]," Maino said when Olivia asked him how his relationship with her manager Rich Dollas was going in light of their romance. "Get outta here. Rich ain't got no problem with me, man. Why would Rich have a problem with me and you? [He doesn't want you to be a punchline in my raps?] Ohhhh. Punchline. 'I used to do Olivia.' [laughs] Ah ha. Olivia. Yeah. Word. First of all, I've got too much respect for you to even handle you like that. I wouldn't even do that. So just tell him be easy. Go relax. You've got nothing to worry about. You're in the best hands in America. You like those ball player dudes." ("Love & Hip Hop")

In November, Olivia stepped forward and said her romance with Maino was long gone.

"Those are old memories like I said, girl, I don't even have those pictures, how about that?," Olivia said in an interview. "All I'm saying is my boyfriend is [professional basketball player] Tarence Kinsey, that's all I'm saying. [We've been dating] for about two or three months now...[How did Tarence react?] It's a seven hour time difference [where he's at overseas] so I said you know what, let me be the first person to hit him up when it came out. It was like 3 AM my time and I told him to make sure he called me when he got up before practice and he did and then I explained it to him and he knew it was old anyway because he was like 'you don't have that tat on your hand so I know its old.'" ("Morning Riot")

A week prior, Maino got on Twitter and poked fun at their leaked photos.

"2 words: Publicity Stunt!!!," he tweeted November 2nd.
"F*ck outta here!!! That aint me in those pics, it was @unclemurda!!! Foreal! Lol"
"I was framed!!!! Haaaaaaaaa!!!" (Maino's Twitter)

Check out Maino's interview below:

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