News: "Lil' Kim" Graces TIME Magazine Cover

Saturday, Feb 18, 2012 11:51AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil Kim may once again be the subject of some political confusion as TIME Magazine has decided to run with the rapper's moniker for their latest issue.

Despite using the "Lil' Kim" tagline, the actual person featured on the cover is late North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Barack Obama. Adolf Hitler. Mark Zuckerberg. Lil Kim. One of these doesn't fit. There's some unpaid intern at Time magazine right now in disbelief that his gag idea he made in passing to the editor he was grabbing coffee for someone made it on the cover. That person on the cover is none other but Kim Jong Un, the new leader/emperor/duku or whatever of North Korea. But this isn't about him. This cover is just another example that Hip-Hop - as an anti-establishment - is dead. We're so indoctrinated in the mainstream that a once-envelope-pushing Kim who took X-rated lyrics to unforeseen heights is now a tagline on Time Magazine. There was a time when just mentioning Kim would have moms clutching their coin purses. There's probably a review for an Ice Cube family movie about fire safety in the back of this issue, too, to drive home the point. (Smoking Section)

In December, Lil Kim was mistakenly linked to Jong Il's death in misreported accounts.

Questions such as: "Is Lil Kim dead??" and "Lil Kim's dead? Is there any truth to this?" Yes, in the wake of the passing of Kim Jong Il, some Twitter users seemingly believe that the female rapper Lil' Kim had died instead. BuzzFeed has compiled a list of 25 such people. For the record, she did not. But we should have expected this sort of thing. Of course, a visit to a search engine could have cleared up any confusion, as it did for this person: "I searched online. You guys are wrong. Lil Kim's alive." Other Twitter users began referring to Kim Jong Il as Lil' Kim on the social network site, perhaps because of his size or as a sign of disrespect. (Mother Jones once compared the two figures.) (The Washington Post)

The Lil Kim death confusion reportedly stemmed from cultural critic N'Gai Croal.

Croal tweeted "RIP, Lil' Kim" after news of Jong Il's death emerged, prompting countless other to spread the rumor that the Brooklyn female rapper famous for "Lady Marmalade" had died. However, they must have missed the part where Croal tweeted an article announcing the death of Jong Il with the suspected flub. Shortly after, Lil' Kim became a trending topic on Twitter and other social media Web sites, with fans wondering if Kim had died. (International Business Times)

Outside of political affairs, Kim recently dropped her new "If You Love Me" record.

"If you loved me, you would let the world know it / say it out your mouth, but I would rather your heart show it / Actions speak louder than words / This was God's work, but you couldn't see / God blessed you when he sent you to me." - Lil Kim. Joining in on the barrage of material that we met with yesterday on Valentine's day, The Queen Bee alias Lil Kim dropped off a brand new track entitled "If You Love Me". The auto tune heavy cut is apparently an answer back to Maino's "I Still Love You" track that was released last year. (Soul Culture UK)

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