News: Lil B Responds To A$AP Rocky's 'Grandma Earrings' Diss, "He Doesn't Realize I'm The Young Lil Wayne"

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Lil B has finally responded to past disses launched at him from A$AP Rocky and said despite the remarks, he is focused on being the best at his craft.

In his response, Lil B likened himself to platinum-selling rap star Lil Wayne.

"It ain't no problems because I go the hardest; I'm the rawest; I'm eating anybody. I don't even want no problems. It's like everybody gotta stay in their lane and don't come in my lane and don't come anywhere near my plate because we eating big in Based World. We doing it big, and they know Lil B is the rawest rapper ever and will demolish anything in his path, baby," he said. "[Rocky] doesn't realize I'm like the young Lil Wayne of the generation for us, minus the money. I been in the game so long, I got the most songs in the rap game, I got the most videos, I got the most views, I'm the most talked about rapper in the world. And this has been going on for years." (XXL Mag)

Last October, A$AP Rocky dished on his issues with the Based God.

"Don't get it twisted: I don't f*ck with Lil B or that 'I'm Gay' sh*t. But as a kid, as a person, I probably would f*ck with him. I'm not getting on the record about him anymore. I like the, 'Woop! Woop!' but I can't," A$AP said in an interview. "He wears my grandmother's earrings. [Laughs.] I'm just being serious. It's not going down. I mean, I can't talk but this n*gga be wilding. The n*gga said, 'I'm Gay' and [in parenthesis put], I'm happy. Come on, Brandon. What are you doing? That's all I can say." (Complex)

Despite the negative remarks from Rocky, Lil B has received recent co-signs from the likes of video vixen Amber Rose and rap star Wiz Khalifa.

"@LILBTHEBASEDGOD Wiz & I Love ur Videos & Music u be havin us cracking up Lol U just don't give a f*ck I'm a fan #Inspiring :-)," she tweeted February 8th.
"@LILBTHEBASEDGOD Pls stay positive don't ever change! Let me or Wiz know when u have a show in LA we wld Love 2 come & support ur movement" (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Recently, Lil B spoke on the lack of authenticity with today's rap artists. 

"I've [taken] rap one hundred percent seriously for so long, that I see it now, it's a joke to me now because with a lot of the rap artists that are in it, they're not truly authentic," Lil B reasoned in an interview. "How I feel about authentic is that my whole past is there. Anything that I talk about, you can just check up -- Do I think rap's a joke and I'm having fun? I'm not going to lie. Right now, it is a joke because my life has been so real. Life is so real, bro. I almost lost my life numerous times, like in the streets and everything." (107.5 WGCI)

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