News: Lil B Fires Back At David Banner, "You Know I'm More Famous Than You!" [Video]

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012 1:54PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Lil B has finally answered back fellow hip-hop artist David Banner's summer 2011 swag-based shots directed at him on a new record called "I Own Swag."

On the record, Lil B proclaims himself as a sole owner of swag.

With Valentine's Day red roses in hand, Lil B responds to David Banner's summer 2011 track "Swag", a messy collection of talking points which called young rappers like B and Tyler, the Creator to task for being goofy-dancing atheists. On "I Own Swag" B sings back, You know that I'm more famous than you! and invokes Mac Dre's "Not My Job," where the Bay Area legend rapped, I can bust you a rap, but anything else, not my job. (The FADER)

Last summer, Banner's "Swag" record reportedly took aim at West Coast artists like Lil B and Kreayshawn.

David Banner sparks a riot with his charged words on "Swag" off The Make Believe Album. The Mississippi MC/producer criticizes the new generation of hip-hop, calling out newcomers including Kreayshawn for her reported use of the N-word (she has repeatedly denied the accusations) and hip-hop collective Odd Future, who he claims "feeds evil to the streets." "The homies is busting slugs/ The women is shaking a**/ A white girl call us ni**a and we just sit back and laugh/ We call it swag," preaches the righteous rapper in a style reminiscent of Lil B. (Rap-Up)

Months later, Banner responded to Kreayshawn's rap sidekick V-Nasty striking back at him on wax.

"It don't bother me at all because let me tell you something. One problem with hip-hop is people try to act a certain way and they put it on their sleeve. I don't have to talk about the stuff I do," Banner said. "The stuff that I did that was hood, I can't talk about it on the record. It's funny when people tell these kids to be hood and they don't stay in the hood. They give the kids this mentality of staying in the hood and that shows you what other cultures think about us as black people and what's important to us and how they try to play us as black men against each other. The sad thing about it is at the end of the day, I'm the big mean black guy. Regardless of how articulate I am, if I move any kind of way I will always be crucified. Regardless of if it's these Disney deals I'm doing, whether its these Paramount deals I'm doing, I'll always be looked at in that manner so what I realize that as black people, we have to stop letting people play our culture like that." ("Sway In The Morning")

Over the fall, the Mississippi-bred emcee talked about hip-hop losing its originality.

"I think what ends up happening is we didn't do what we were supposed to do. Kids are either a reflection of what you did or didn't do. But the problem is, now, they are getting to an age where you have to be responsible for what you do now because you're a man," Banner said in an interview. "The problem is, there's no balance. I think a lot of the backpack rappers, they rap they a** off, but n*gga, your beat's wack. You rapping, but n*gga, you can't make a hit song. You can freestyle your a** off but you can't make a hit song. Then you got n*ggas who can make hit songs that can't f*cking rap. You got R&B singers that can't f*cking sing. Anything that's talented and that you're supposed to pay for, it's supposed to be something that everybody can't do. One of the reasons why rap is dying, because everybody feel they can do it. People don't go to a Chris Brown concert thinking they can outdance Chris Brown. They already know they can't." (3 Digs)

Check out Lil B's "I Own Swag" music video below:

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