News: King Of Diamonds Stripper Hospitalized, Drake Sends Prayers

Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 10:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money's Drake is sending positive thoughts and prayers to Miami stripper Tip Drill who was reportedly involved in a serious accident over the weekend forcing her to get hospitalized.

Brief with his words, Drizzy publicly acknowledged the stripper's mysterious accident.

"Praying for my homegirl Tip Drill one time.," he tweeted February 18th. (Drake's Twitter)

Saturday, fellow stripper Skraw Berry provided fans with constant updates.

"I'm goin in to see Tip in a few minutes... Soon as I get detailed facts on her condition... I'll tell y'all," she tweeted.
"Y'all Tip is alive but she's not doin good. She might have to go through surgery. I'll know in the next hour!"
"Y'all pray for my friend..." (Skraw Berry's Twitter)

The stripper is reportedly known for being one of the best at her craft in Miami.

Tip Drill, perhaps Miami's most famous strippers, was reportedly hospitalized after some sort of accident during her death defying act at King at Diamonds last night. Few details are available right now, but the news has so shaken Miami that Tip Drill's name is trending locally on Twitter right now. Tip Drill is noted for acrobatic sets at Miami's most celebrated strip club, King of Diamonds, and her signature entrance involves her emerging from the ceiling and sliding all the way down a stripper poll before landing on her legs. (Miami New Times)

Since the mysterious accident, Tip Drill has become a trending Twitter topic.

Tip Drill, arguably one of Miami's top strippers, was rushed to the hospital after a fall at King of Diamonds. Though everyone is still quiet on the specifics, the freak accident was serious enough for Tip Drill's name to be trending locally on Twitter. Known for her trademark entrance, which involves a rapid descent from the ceiling to the bottom of the pole, she found a new audience after mobbing the set of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" last month with her best friend Skrawberry. (Complex)

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